Published on July 22, 2020 (Updated on July 22, 2020)

Survival: Lava Sea

You have found yourself on a huge sea of ​​lava. It's very dangerous here. You must survive here. Build a base. Find useful materials in chests on different islands!

- Islands to discover!

- Hidden mobs spawners! 

- Dangerous lava sea!

- And a lot more!

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  • Survival Lava
  • Survival Lava sea.mcworld

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Wow good job!
This map is so fun my friends loved it (real life friends)
This comment has been removed
bro .... we can just use the water bucket to change all the lava to obsidian...
Thanks for your feedback. The water was to be used to generate cobblestones. We haven't thought about using it to turn lava into obsidian. We will try to fix this in the next update. :)
Hey! Try using structure void, that would help u doing that
Hi dude are you Kidding at me this map is my Idea and i make lava map is older than you and even before 1.16 because you everyone say im plagiat your map? you Should say at them no one Steal your idea that is my video from old channel to show you im is older before this map your upload at mcpedl