Published on February 05, 2021 (Updated on June 30, 2021)

Survival Reignited

Survival Reignited changes core mechanics of Minecraft and presents more goals and challenges in a natural feeling and vanilla style way, as well as significantly increasing the difficulty and slowing down the pace of the game in a fun and strategic way.


Remember when the first night was scary? Remember when the sound of zombies made you panic, and you didn’t have a full set of iron gear by the second day? Remember when you built traps and took precautions in order to survive? This addon reignites the feeling we all first got on our first night, or when we first crafted a diamond sword. Prepare to once again need to build traps and walls to defend yourself, to go on journeys to find resources, to bravely adventure through the now evermore hellish and unforgiving Nether, and relive your first days in Minecraft.

Here's a handful of examples of everything you can find in this addon!

There's anew, frozen crypt structure that spawns in the ice plains biome! They are hard to spot, and spawn rarely, but once you do come across one, it's filled with strays, vex, and various hidden traps. But at the bottom is several chests and budding amethyst blocks! You can even find shulker shells in the chests!


Another new structure spawns in all biomes. It's known as an Evil Outpost. Vindicators and Wither Skeletons that have come into the overworld through what are now ruined portals live inside! You can find several chests as well as blocks of gold if you're able to make your way up to the top.


There's a new End Portal structure as well! It's a single room with one hallway that spawns very rarely underground.

New, taller and more fortified Pillager outposts can spawn throughout your world. They have 3 chests inside.

Ruined and abandoned variants of village buildings such as blacksmiths, churches, and houses will spawn randomly throughout various grassy and forested biomes. All of them have 1 chest inside.


Ravagers can break more blocks now! the ones on the left are examples of what they can break through, vs. some of the ones they can't on the right.


Creepers explode with a much stronger force, and start fire everywhere around the explosion.

Wandering Traders have had some of their trades changed to make them more useful!


For a full changelog of the over 170 changes made You can read everything there is to know about this addon HERE, on a Google Docs, or scroll straight down to the download and let it surprise you, figure things out for yourself like it’s your first time playing Minecraft all over again.


  • MachineBuilder's structure generator tool
  • Multipixel Texture Pack (For some of the pictures used)
  • Whitelight's critique of Minecraft Youtube video (For inspiration)

Select version for changelog:

  • Overall, slightly less lag on low end devices as less command blocks are being used.
  • Dead Trees now only spawn in the desert biome. Also redesigned them and made them slightly less common.
  • Ruined Blacksmiths now spawn rarely in forest, birch, and plains biomes.
  • Huge Ruined Nether Portals now spawn rarely in plains, desert, and jungle biomes. They have 2 chests and a magma cube spawner.
  • Large glowing oak trees spawn in forest biomes now
  • A new Frozen Crypt structure has been added. It's an almost entirely underground structure made up of ice and deepslate with 3 chests, 4 budding amethyst blocks, 2 Stray spawners, 1 Vex spawner, and several hidden traps. It spawns only in the ice plains biome. It’s the only place in the overworld where you can, very rarely, find shulker shells, which are apart of the chest loot.
  • Changed Raids back to an always on thing, however they are much, much more rare now. You’ll only ever see one after a thunderstorm, and only sometimes after one.
  • Spiders now reliably give the player fatal poison when they hit them as it's a part of their code and not controlled by a command block anymore. The effect time was lowered from 10 seconds to 7. 
  • Skeletons now are reliably fire immune and won’t burn for a few seconds after spawning as it's a part of their code now instead of being given the fire resistance effect by a command block.
  • Skeleton horses now are reliably fire immune and won’t burn for a few seconds after spawning as it's a part of their code now instead of being given the fire resistance effect by a command block.
  • Bees reward 120 xp now instead of 130 for being given a block of honey.
  • Raised the minimum emeralds a stone mansion wants for a block of obsidian from 3 to 5, in order to make the small amount of obsidian needed for a nether portal harder to come by, and encourage exploring/looting blacksmith chests as an equally good option. 
  • Slightly altered the Wandering Villager’s trades.
  • Removed the gilded blackstone based “bartering” system with villagers, who would give back either a diamond, xp bottle, or emerald upon a block of gilded blackstone being thrown onto the ground in front of them. Now instead, this is a part of the stone mansion villagers level 4 trade.
  • Removed the Emerald Block based “bartering” system with villagers, who would give a diamond upon being thrown a Block of Emerald. This change was made since diamonds can be traded from stone mansions now for a gilded blackstone.
  • Removed the /SetHome function since it became longer needed after the bed change was removed several updates ago. The exact same thing can be done with the /setworldspawn command. 
  • Updated the /Help function.
  • Removed zombie villager’s fire resistance effect as it felt too unrealistic.
  • Phantom’s loot table has been updated and is code based now instead of command block run, where loot was being placed in their “hand.” They no longer have the extremely rare chance of dropping an elytra, but drop xp bottles more often and can now drop chorus fruit. 
  • Squid’s loot table has been updated and is code based now instead of command block run, where loot was being placed in their “hand.”
  • Creeper’s loot table has been updated and is code based now instead of command block run, where loot was being placed in their “hand.” They can also very rarely drop fire charges now.
  • Changed all crafting recipes regarding iron ingot ←→ iron block or iron ingot ←→ iron nugget to 9 instead of 8. This small change was made to rebalance after iron ore was changed to drop more with fortune.



There is an extra step of installation even after you start the world! Use the command "/function survivalplus" in order for the full addon to work properly. You'll lose everything in your inventory when you do this, so do it right when you join the world. It also only needs to be done once, ever in a world.

Make sure cheats and all experiments are toggled ON in settings!


After downloading the new version and having it import to Minecraft, on any world you've been using the addon on, go to behavior packs and remove the old version, then add the new 1.4 version. 

Once you load into the world, type "/function UpdateSurvivalReignited" to finish the update. Without this, many of the new features won't get added! 


  • SurvivalReignited.mcpack (160.5 KB)

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

I hope you dont mind but i dont think anyone like the fact that they have to wait so here is the direct link
Also great mod! keep it up! i rate 5 stars
it's strange how there's less wood crafted per log but it's fine. I did find it weird how when I traveled far out there was a normal pillager outpost but it was further than I think ill need to travel. I think the log think is good since for me personally im going to be using alot of mods so it may be easier to get the wood.
Normal pillager outposts spawn normally, with the larger versions being its own, new thing, not replacing them in any way. And as for wood, the two types of nether wood give 4 planks while the overworld kinds give 2. This is to slow the progress of the game down but also let players get wood as quickly as normal, if their need for it outweighs the risks and danger of the Nether.
Does this work with worlds that are already created or I need to make a new world to find these things or do I have to load new chunks?
You just need to load new chunks in, and you should start seeing the new structures. Be cautious though. This addon is designed to be added onto a new world, so when you set it up, the progression system might do some weird things.
Oh ok btw about the weird stuff I LOVE WEIRD STUFF, so yAy 😀.
Do I need to type function if I downloaded the newest version without having old ones?
Whenever creating a new world with the mod added, you’ll always need to type “/function survivalplus” in order to make it work properly. However you don’t need to type the update addon. It won’t hurt anything to do it though.

As much as the addon as possible is .json files, however what I wanted to add that can’t be controlled by them (or I can’t figure out how to control by them) is done by command blocks. The function loads a .mcstructure file, which has all those command blocks in them, and sets them in a ticking area. That’s why the function is essential. The second one just reloads the .mcstructure file, which I change every time I update something with the command blocks.
Hai, this mod looks rlly cool! I was wondering if I could stream this one day, or put it onto my YouTube? Could I have permission to do this if I credit you?
Hi. Of course you can! Thank you for asking though
Incredible beyond words!!

I would have preferred if you had kept the Ender pearl trades for the piglins though
Also the Ender Dragon making beds disappear is just a tad bit weird but I do get the point you’re trying to make here 👍
Hey, thank you! Also ya I took the pearls out of their trades so the player would have to fight at least 1 Endermen in order to craft an Eye of Ender, which is a significant part of progression now. I wanted to make it challenging so I made sure the two ingredients for an Eye of Ender were ones you had to fight for. As for the Ender Dragon removing beds when you’re nearby it, it’s so the final boss can’t be “cheesed.”
Minecraft modster June 27, 2021 at 2:55 am
Hello i love your mod and i would love to use it in my modpack if that is okay with you!
very good . congratulations on the job. keep updated the addon pls
Please update to 1.17
I like the addon, but there are some really poor game design decisions. The zoglin spreading fire should absolutely be removed. There's no way to control whether they show up and when they do there's nothing you can do to keep it from spreading fire. It's already happened three times in my world and I had to turn off fire spreading in the world settings. It also kills my bees :(. The only way to avoid it is build only out of inflammable blocks which isn't fun. The "tiny raids" with the horns blowing happen a little too often, too. They used to be scary but now that they're constant they're just a chore. The skeleton horses also spawn really often, not rare like it says in the document. We've got like 20 skeleton horses roaming around now. The ravager breaking blocks also isn't fun, but that's easily edited in the json file. Random ravagers spawning that will wreck your base is just frustrating especially because you can't control it. The spiders leaving cobwebs literally everywhere is also a little annoying but not a huge deal. Otherwise I've been enjoying my time with Survival Reignited. The changes to wandering traders makes me actually want to keep them alive.
Also, is there a way to safely remove the addon including the effects from the functions?
Hi. Sorry for the late reply but I ended up falling out of Minecraft for awhile and am just now getting around to updating my mod. Thanks for the feedback, and in the next update, raids will stop spawning after the Wither is killed. Hopefully that helps keep them interesting at first, but gives you a way to get rid of them after they start to lackluster.
Cool! Looking back I didn't balance my criticism with enough praise, I'm sorry. I really do like the addon.
with the 1.16.201 bug will it still affect structure spawning in a realms or would i have to reput the addon back on everytime i enter the realms?
I’m not completely sure as I don’t currently have a realms subscription myself. A good way to test it tho is to go into creative, fly like a few thousand blocks, and if you don’t see any custom structures then it probably is broken
Addon seems really cool, hoping for new content to make the game harder!
Idea seems really cool, but for some reason the function wont start it up. Maybe i am doing something wrong, anything will help
Make sure the addon is installed properly. It should be in the active section when you check your world settings for behavior packs. Also, all 3 functions should show in a list after you type /function. If you don’t see the list then most likely something is wrong and it’s not even active. Try reloading the world or creating a new one with it
I no joke ran here at high speeds from IFunny as soon as I saw stuff about this and I love it, first night shows it's not messing around cx
you broke the first rule