Published on November 21, 2019 (Updated on March 24, 2020)

Void Survival

A large scale twist on classic Skyblock, Void Survival is a new and unique experience, changing the way you play Survival but keeping to Minecraft’s roots, giving a unique yet familiar challenge anyone can enjoy 

Custom biomes, caves, dungeons, an ocean, and access to both the Nether and End dimensions, Void Survival is a fresh take on the Survival you’re used to.

However this map comes with many of the challenges Skyblock offers, yet allows more freedom with a 300x300 starting map and several large extensions.

Much like Skyblock, your supplies are limited. From level 40 to 0 on the main island are most of the only natural ores you can obtain, yet creating mob farms and starting your own village can give you expensive supplies such as weapons and armor you’ll need if you want to survive and advance. There are also ores in other areas, but you won’t find them spread randomly underground, only hidden in certain places.

Somewhere below the main island lies an End portal, along with various treasures. Find it and you’ll obtain valuable items and gear, as well as your only access point to the End! 

Invisible barriers prevent you from falling into the void around the islands, so you don’t have to worry about being knocked off!

Good luck and have fun!

(Feedback is greatly appreciated! You can give Feedback in the comments below or @Plasma7007 on Twitter! Additionally, you are absolutely allowed to make YouTube videos and other various creator content with this map, no permission needed!)

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5.0 Changelog 

  • Added a guidebook for newer players
  • Difficulty is no longer locked to hard mode
  • Added several new caves that connect to the surface 
  • Phantoms no longer spawn every night, /gamerule doinsomnia has been turned back on
  • Added a few new features to the Desert
  • Added a couple small islands 
  • Foliage has been improved on the main island 
  • A couple of deep underground caves have been smoothed so they aren’t so jagged, now look more like natural Minecraft generation
  • More gravel has been added so it’s easier to obtain in large quantities 
  • Sea pickles and podzol have been added and no longer are only obtainable through the wandering trader
  • Fixed a particular cave being completely empty 
  • Fixed End Portal already being activated upon finding it
  • Fixed exposed command blocks in the End dimension 

WARNING: 16.0 Beta players may encounter odd spawn rates of some hostile mobs. This is because of a command block that despawns mobs at a certain distance away from the player in order to balance the mob cap. The 16.0 update introduces natural mob despawning in a similar but slightly different way then the command block works, therefore the two may possibly conflict and mobs may disappear at odd times. This will be looked into once 16.0 is released for Apple users.

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I Cant Download It It Keeps Saying “World Import Failed” Pls Help
hey plasma u may not remember me i made a youtube series off of ur void survival map a while ago and i was wodnering can u port this map over to java? my old youtube channel was Muchtbnrfrags the video was called void survival part 1 i said "i dont know where to find iron and went into creative mode because of it" and then u replied to me the next day where to find a cave on the map plz port this map over to java if u do ill make another youtube series on it thx
@plasma7007 ^^^^^^^^^
I keep getting a glitch with the fishing pole where it doesn't work correctly. Is antibody else having trouble with it?
Custom stuff? If yes then I recommend crafty craft iOS App Store
Every rime i try to download its stops halfway throigh but i have it one my other device and its fun i recommend downloading it
These islands look so beautiful, this idea about wheat at this plain was perfect. But, why am I starting at hard mode?
i cant change the difficulty settings. i play with my little brother and he cant play hard. how do you change it??
It’s supposed to be set on Hard, but if you want it change it you can teleport to 10,000 100 10,000 and turn off the command block labeled “Hard”
This comment was from me, for some reason it made me anonymous lol
N O I C E . simply amazing, my fave
Void S u v i v a l is my favorite map!
Lol ya I noticed the spelling mistake like right after I posted it lol
Now I gotta wait 24-48 hours for a whole update just for the image
Los animales tambien son limitados o solo los minerales ?.
Tambien estaria bueno una isla de nieve con sus animales y mazmorras. Si la hay no la encontre aun.
Los animales desovan normalmente en la isla principal, sin embargo, los pandas y los lobos son limitados a menos que los críes. Y hay una cueva helada en algún lugar debajo de la mesa
Usé el traductor de Google para escribir esto, así que me disculpo si esto suena extraño
Can anyone help me get the file on to Minecraft? It downloads the zip file but most videos on YouTube are just useless or for only IOS.
Change .zip to .mcworld then open the file... if you have Minecraft installed then it should upload