Published on August 24, 2019 (Updated on May 09, 2023)

Survival Spawn Eggs Addon

Updated to version 2.0, added a lot of new spawn egg recipes, new spawner tokens and more!

If you always wanted to create spawn eggs in survival, this addon is the perfect addon for you! Using this addon you are able to craft lots different spawn eggs for almost every mob in the game. The addon can be used to make a farm or get mobs to your base easier.

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Survival Spawn Eggs Update 2.0!

  • Added 14 new spawn egg recipes!
  • Changed the old fire token into a new Spawner Token with a custom texture!
  • Spawner tokens can now be found in end city chests!
  • Updated pack icon and cover image
  • Fixed bugs where old recipes where not functioning as expected


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can this addon work on a Minecraft Realm?
FindKnight | YouTube RANK ✔ May 12, 2023 at 10:32 pm
The thing is with these kind of addons is you'll have to keep updating it as Minecraft adds new mobs, or this addon will be outdated.
bruhhhh i need to use a stupid ad fly link that doesnt even load. you could have used mediafire or even linkvertise but you decide AD.FLY
Sorry I forgot to rating
Yay I don't even need to use egg anymore btw if you can't use adfly this is the link

Thx I don't even need use egg anymore
nvm comment :v
this stuff isn't expense at all. Your just broke or trash at minecraft. I can easily get this stuff.
Pardon my language but I hate bastards like you that use adfly. It never sends me to the damn end to download the mcpacks i genuinely want.
it works fine til i put it on my realm then it breaks. is there a way to fix this?
Apparently experimental gameplay cycled off when I activated the pack. All is good.
Wait, scratch that last. I can't do any recipe! Am I missing a resource pack or is it just the behavior pack?
Why can't I craft the fire token? Also it is not in the creative menu...
Can you add fox spawn egg ? Thank you.
it does not work i tried on windows 10 and does not work i will try to remove my mod packs to see if that works ill add a better review if works
How to install? I can't do it.