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Tameable Rabbits Addon

Do you like rabbits? And no, I don't mean rabbit stew. This addon lets you tame rabbits and keep them as your pets. They are friendly companions which will never cause anyone harm. Some would call them useless and others will probably find them adorable. If you want a friendly and harmless companion on your next adventures then get this addon! Creator: MitchellDawud03, Twitter Account Updated: 11 December, 2016 (bug fixes)

How does it work?

You can tame a rabbit by feeding it some carrots.
  • iOS / Android: Hold a carrot in your hand, long-tap on the rabbit and press Tame
  • Windows 10: Equip a carrot and right-click on the rabbit
You can keep multiple rabbit pets at the same time. Give them different names using name tags to be able to easier separate them. Rabbits are fragile and require some place they can be safe. Build a rabbit pen or bring them with you but make sure they don't drown or fall into a lava pit because then their life will be over in a second. Tamed rabbits will automatically follow its owner. However, you can also keep them on a leash or tie them to a fence post once you get tired of them. You can also make it sit by crouching, long-tapping on the rabbit and press Sit.


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Create a new world (or edit an existing one) and add the behavior pack
You can get a .ZIP file by clicking here.

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3.33 / 5 (3 votes)
No hate: This mod doesn't work at all. Thank you for trying at least, can you please fix it?
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this mod hasn't been updated in 3 years and most likely isnt for your game version. what did you honestly expect?
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Looks like a great addon. Sad to see its never going to be updated again. (most likely anyways)
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bloody Chicken nugget May 19, 2018 at 9:54 am
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The rabbits run too fast like they are speed hacking and they don't follow you when it's tamed, only when you have a carrot in your hand.
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Mine doesn't automatically follow me ;-;
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What about all mobs?
Creeper: gunpowder
Skeleton: bow (auto tame)
Enderman: ender pearl
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thats like to tame a human feeding the human flesh but i agree more addons like this would be good
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too op lmfao
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You should make a toy add on because in 1 of my mc worlds I have a daycare but it has no toys
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Or if you want instead of crazy craft add on make an add on to make mine craft look realistic and call the add on realistic shaders and make sure the mcpe players are animated to
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I don't need this addon to tame a rabbit
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Can you increase their health? Because they die quickly.
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Christmas light Addon good idea
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Amazing! Can you please do this with chickens???!!
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Hey could u make a Christmas light add on or something?!?!?
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