Swords Levels v2

Add enhancements to your sword to become a formidable warrior, just remember, all power has a limit. This is my first addon, it is 100% for survival

Add wood, cobble, iron, gold and diamond gears. Add Wood, cobblestone, iron, gold and diamond Upgrades. In total there are 10 new components to make your swords more powerful.

each crafting has a simple pattern so no one can get confused when trying to level up a sword

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-Added emerald sword,emerald gears, emerald upgrade frame, heart upgrade frame

-New max level - 10

-Changed gears textures

-Changed upgrades names to upgrades frames



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Can you make a 1.18? I like your work very much.
This is a Great addon for mcpe, all working fine except for 1 problem/bug. When i kill pillager with the flag/banner on their back, I didn't get the bad omen effect. For me, thats a BIG problem. Fighting the pillager and activating a raid is the best way of testing/using the newly upgraded lvl 10 iron sword and also, Im currently breeding(idk if thats the right word) villager and I need hero of the village effect to get discount from the villager. Hope you fix this bug and adding the netherite sword upgrade.
Can i use this in my addon, I will give you Credit though.
i activated the resource and behavior pack and turned on experimental gameplay.
i cant craft or give myself the items with commands, am i doing something wrong? i'm playing on windows 10 btw
Hello, from what I see no one works for the addon in windows 10, so I suppose it only works in MCPE.
This complement is seen to have potential, I added it to my game and it really gives it more variety. I recommend that in the next updates you include more minerals to the games (such as ruby, copper, aluminum, silver, titanium, precious gems, among others) and adding their respective swords to improve them like the others. I hope you will take into account my suggestions for future updates.
n esta foncionando
when i go in the game, it says a bunch of error messages. then when i try it dosent work. i cant craft anything. :((((((

i reallllly wanna do it
when i go in the game, it says a bunch of error messages. then when i try it dosent work. i cant craft anything. :((((((

i reallllly wanna do it
can l launch it on the chinese mc version
your addon is so good
mmm I don't know, I should think about it
I downloaded it and put it on a new world but the crafting doesn't appear in the crafting table
They are items, not blocks. That is currently every mod right now.
Of course, that happens because it is an item and you will not find it on the table, remember the crafting, they are very easy to memorize
I know but, I mean, when I try to crafting any item of this add on, it doesn't appear
I know what's wrong, it works on minecraft pe but it doesn't work on minecraft windows 10, at least, not to me
wait im using more mods
Wont go past 24% :/
Same. on Xbox when you try to extract the file it goes up to 24%(which I think is the resource pack) and the it just stops loading the rest.
ah ok, well just test in minecraft pe and everything works, i can't assure you if it works 100% on other devices
Could you do this with all swords and armor.
I honestly never thought about it but I still don't like the armor of the addons, I don't think I will make one
Ok, how about Netherite Sword and pre-set enchants?
In the next update I will add the Netherite sword, and on enchantments it will not be possible because in the addons you cannot enchant any type of object so that is ruled out.
Can't you do something about putting this modpack on top of the resource & behaviour pack setting? I have 3 of my fav addon including yours, that needed to be put on the top of rs & bh pack setting to work properly. Now, I can only use 1 of my fav to work properly.
unfortunately I can not do anything especially because I know almost nothing about coding, but you can do it yourself by putting the files of my addon in another addon but you can bug the textures, try it but I can not assure you anything