Published on August 13, 2020 (Updated on August 27, 2020)

Technology Addon

Hello! Did you ever think that Minecraft doesn't have enough technology? Well, this is the addon for you. This addon adds new technology-related blocks, items, mobs, and ores. The tec addon also adds lasers! I hope you enjoy the addon!

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- Added Experimental Mode

- Added Netherite gear

- Made so that the laser block can be turned

- Added Windmill

- Added Upgraded Windmill

- Fixed Bugs 

- Added drill

- Added power

- Fixed Some textures

- Added Hardened wood


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Hello. I Am Trying To Make A Disney Parks Ride Called "It's A Small World". Have You Ever Heard About It? Well. I Need To Make Some Dutch And Spanish Windmills. However, Sadly, No Matter How Many Times I Try It I Cannot Find On The Inventory Nor Get By Commands The Hardened Wood And The Gear Block. How Are The Crafting Recipes Of Both Blocks? I Need Your Help. And To Be Better, When I Put The Windmill And Show My Ride On YouTube, You Will Recieve A Big Shoutout And I Will Even Credit You By The Windmills I Add! (I Mean It!)
Please update to 1.19
I sais no zip archive and why adfl.y link!!!
Can you do direct download
Bro fix the frick download
Brooo fix itttt
Broooo cann you fix the frick adsfly
Add waterwheel too
i cant seem to be able to craft the items for the windmill
Can you just use the 1.17 copper instead of adding two types of copper?
You created uranium item: Right! You created crafting recipes to use te uranium: Rigt! Why don't you created a nuclear reactor? ( or else better technical add on ever)
Hey! I think you are the best addon creator for MCBE and I like really much this addon in particular.

But I think you should do 2 things so it is better: 1) Try to do less addons but better ones and with more updates; 2) Add some features of other your addons in this one if you can (for example the oil fluid to do some technologies).

I don’t understand much in coding, but I can do textures for you if you want (my discord: YalokinBoom#5005).

And finally, PLZ, do an update to this addon ‘cause it would be soooo cool to have more features.
This addon is pretty amazing. I'm not sure what all is possible with addons because it's just JSON code. I haven't really gotten in to addons (I make websites and games). But if you keep this up you could completely change minecraft.
Sorry I forgot to add a rating lol