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Published on September 01, 2020 (Updated on September 28, 2020)

More Fluids Addon

Hi! Do you want more fluids in your Minecraft world? Well, this addon adds more fluids into the game! Right now there are only 6 new fluids added, but there will be more in the future!

Turn On All Experimental Gameplay Options For Addon To Work!

You Have to be in Minecraft or Higher for Addon To Work!

You Have to be in Minecraft Beta for Addon To Work!

Post Comments/Suggestions in the Mcpedl Comments!


Well as you probably know from the description, the title, and the title picture that this addon adds more fluids. Right now the addon adds only 5 new fluids but I'm going to add more soon! 

Placeable Honey!

One of the two fluids this addon adds is honey! It's sticky and if you go in it you will be slowed down. All the fluids (6 fluids) are not craftable yet but will be in the future! Also, the fluids are blocks, not entities.

Here is what the honey looks like on the ground.

Here Is what it looks like when you put it in the air.

like water or lave it can flow down.

And finally, here it is flowing!

Placeable Milk!

The second fluid added in this addon is milk! Like the honey, it cannot be crafted yet, but will be in future updates. If you step in it will slow you but not as much as the honey fluid.

Here is the milk fluid on the ground!

Here is the milk flowing and in the air.

Like the honey, the milk flows but faster! 

Ender Fluid!

The third fluid in this addon is the Ender Fluid! It is like milk, and It also does not have a crafting recipe. The one difference is that if you step in the ender fluid you get a levitation effect.

Here is what the ender fluid looks like!


The fourth fluid is mud! Mud is like the placeable honey fluid. It is slower than the milk. Right now mud does not do anything special but will in the future!

Here is what the mud looks like! 


The next fluid is the acid! The acid speed is like the milk but it does some new things. One of the new things it does is dissolve dirt and grass! If you place it on grass or dirt it will dissolve it! Be careful because it can get laggy. If it does get laggy type this command /kill @e[tag=fluid]

Here is what the acid does! You can see what it looks like in-game



The final fluid is oil! The oil speed is like the honey. Right now,  oil does not do anything special, but it will in the future!

Here is what the oil looks like.

That's it for now! Hope you enjoy the addon!


  • You Cannot Repost This addon!
  • You Cannot Use The Code In This Addon In Any Way!
  • You Cannot Look At The Code In This Addon In Any Way!
  • You Cannot Repost This Addon On Another Site and say That You Made It!
  • You Cannot Post A Direct Download Link For This Addon Anywhere!
  • You Can Make A Youtube Video About This Addon But You Have To Credit Me!
  • Enjoy!!!

Select version for changelog:


- Added oil

- Changed fluid code

- Reduced lag for fluids

- Made fluids use blocks instead of entitys

- Fixed bugs


You Have to be in Minecraft (Minecraft Beta) or Higher for Addon To Work!

Zip Download

extract addon zip

put MoreFluidRES folder in Minecraft Resource pack folder 

put MoreFluidDAT folder in Minecraft Behaviour pack folder

Mcpack or Mcaddon Download

Click on the file and it Should open Minecraft if you have it.


Click on the addon download link

It should open Adfly

wait 5 seconds (DO NOT CLICK ANY ADS)

Click Skip

Don't activate notifications

Wait 15-25 seconds if it asks you to turn on notifications

It will bring you to Mediafire and then click download addon (Don't Click Ads)

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.68 / 5 (28 votes)
idk if it's just me but all the fluids are just particles with a death sound effect
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do i need to download both the links? i only downloaded the mcaddon one
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Ummm how do you get oil or mud or ender stuff?
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Scp-682 has breached containment
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Gg for the works☺☺
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The rating on my last comment glitched out before I hit post- Hopefully this gets it back to how it was before I messed up
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Hey, Question, does the acid damage the player?
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Can you add liquid slime

Slows you

Cant swim up(may not be possible)

Slowly sinks
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Could I use this addon's code to make another addon? Because It makes a new fluid.
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nvm I finished reading it
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i accidentally pressed accept on adfly and now im bieng spammed with wierd stuff. please help?
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Click lock then notifications block adfly notifications
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I have a possible fluid you could add. Maybe you can try adding a void fluid. Its like oil but has small purple dots (Just so you know the difference between it and oil) and when anything touches it they die instantly
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GXholeCraft_Official September 29, 2020 at 1:18 pm
Make it so that oil can turn anyblock into something that will keep burning forever..
Or maybe makes block burnable
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Great addon and stuff, but I have a suggestion. It may not be possible, but oil could make the blocks it pours on EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE. Again, maybe not possible, but just an idea.
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What I mean by flammable is not that the block burns, but it can spread fire. So, probably impossible.
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actually, there might be a way to do that.
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Could you fix a bug where there's strings remained when I removed the fluids?
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That won't happen anymore because there is no string.
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