Published on April 29, 2021

Temple Of Ifflin

A mystical place built high up in the mountains, hidden for centuries and unknown to the general populace. It is said that it is home to a monstrous treasure horde, with gold and valuables to last a lifetime, though no one has ever managed to find this place… until now.

You and your fellow companions (If you choose to bring them) have managed to finally find the Temple Of Ifflin, untouched for centuries. Although you have found the temple, your journey is far from over. The guardians who once protected the wealth of this temple created traps and mechanisms to prevent those who wish to steal it’s treasure from ever doing so. Solve the puzzles and claim the treasure!

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nice map! if u are a person that REALLY likes temple/medieval escape maps,this is for you!
Nice puzzle map! I went ahead and made a video on it for my YouTube! Keep up the amazing work!

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