Tesla Model S Addon

Everyone has been dreaming of the perfect everyday sedan. The Morning Company has delivered a car that is the first of it's kind. This Tesla Model S will not only be a perfect luxury car, but also a truly functional one as well. 

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Updated texture and model to best represent the new 2021 Tesla Model S. Also changed download link.


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Please make the First generation Tesla Roadster
Can you make it not a zip file? It would be alot easier if you could download it directly
You can convert zips to mcaddons by renaming the .zip part to .mcaddon
Hey TMC, please convert to .mcpack file for this game addon.
Won't download just use mediafire
Wow the model is horrible
I think I’m going to love this!
How do you get it in-game?
Is there a command? Or a crafting recipe? Or is it supposed to be in the creative inventory I don't know how to get it.
in spawn eggs from creative inventory
does itu have autopilot?
How do you download? It just takes me to YouTube
I agree
I can’t download it... its not available on the page
Did you forgot Download Tesla Model s!?! It Tesla model s not found on themorningcompany.gothub.io
Can you make Nether Model s Better your nether Roadster. Make Nether Model s
Yay I love tesla model s
The video is set to private
This is amazing also is it possible to make a model 3?