Tesla Semi Addon

This Tesla Semi add-on is The Morning Company's first ground transportation vehicle, shown in this beautiful video. This add-on was coincidentally released around the same time that Tesla started production of the real Tesla Semi. Cargo trailers to be added in the future.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

yo its only for java this site is for bedrock not java!😡
29.Ozomatli.Aguirre October 24, 2021 at 7:58 pm
can you add a trailer
It don't work because your crap don't import it say import faild and I do many times to make it work but it don't work 😿😾
true i look deeper in the video he was on java
why it won't import to minecraft?
It works but always faild import remember minecraft is a fuker does faild import
I LIKE IT it Is so G O O D
Your creations are so good! It would be amazing if you could please consider making a ship add on!
Can you make Tesla Pickup truck or Tesla Model C
As a true Tesla and SpaceX fan it's really fun to see these wonders turned into functional vehicles in Minecraft. I would love to see the full fleet of Tesla vehicles like Model S, 3, X and Y (and the Cybertruck!). Perhaps also a boring machine in style with the Boring Company? That would be very suitable for Minecraft! :D
there already is a cybertruck addon
There is already a Tesla cybertruck add-on.
Do the Tesla model 3 in two colors: gray and red thank you
hey, bro, put it pls in mc.pack archive
I want that too mate!