Published on April 20, 2019 (Updated on June 09, 2022)

The Abandoned: Warehouse [HORROR]

The Abandoned:Warehouse it's a horror free roam fnaf inspired map with custom sounds and objectives, follow them carefully and try at least to survive.

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*Updated the download links for both chapters in the minecraft map



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ChrisMP, (im from other country soo if my english is one bit bad please understand). Can you tell me how much achivements the chapter 1 map have, please? and the map is very good, too!
The achievemtns are not like the actual ones just for fun I put in the map, so about that to be honest I forgot how much there are
i know i'm late to the party, but this map was really good and deserves a 1.18 compatibility update :)
I thought this was going to be good... I literally kept getting stuck in a room cuz there was no where else to go.. And I did get myself unstuck but I went passed barriers, which I was probably not supposed to do that.... I had no Idea what to do before I cheated and gave myself levitation for a minute because I was stuck. And when I continued after cheating the guy appeared, I was able to hit him, but it seemed like he was invincible or something, so I went passed him, then the Minecraft pe crashed. Wth is wrong with this map?
ChrisMP, why did you remove the flashlight in The Abandoned: Warehouse: Chapter 1 (Remastered)?
The flashlight in chapter 1 its available, except if you bugged the game and you didnt got it before you enter in the warehouse
Hey guy who made this im stuck i just entert de building btw this is the first part and. It said strange de door is open what now im stuck in a room and its really silent what now btw great map so far????
Listen carefully to the phone call, it gives a hint on what to do with that part..
How do i download it
I tried playing the map, it seems cool, but it kept crashing and was really laggy. The grammar you used in the map was horrifying, since I’m a grammar freak. The overall map however, from what I saw of it, was nice.
HEy bro

you made a really cool map and also you put things from fnaf in the game.
Its acctually not so scray but the idea behind this is very cool.
ok the disk was scary
Nicolas Asafe Farias P. September 20, 2019 at 12:44 pm
Please add new Português-Brasil version! we wait the version ):
I'm not sure if that happen because I didn't translated it for Spanish....
I know I sound like an idiot.. I can't find the key for the employees only door.. Please help =/
Search carefully sometimes things are everywere and maybe under....
Wait Scott cawthon?
That name is a creator of fnaf?
This is fine
Can this map play by multiplayers??
No it's only single player mode
also i used commands to kill the killer
lol a diamond armor is a bonnie sute cuz i used commands to get the sute and theres a markaplire easter egg