Published on April 27, 2022 (Updated on April 19, 2023)

The Backrooms Survival Expansion V3.1 (Level Fun Update!)

Welcome to The Backrooms Survival Expansion, in this addon we add The Backrooms into Survival Minecraft as a new dimension, will you survive this nightmare and explore the secrets the backrooms has to offer?

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-Fixed Multiple Exploits when entering and whilst in the Backrooms
-Bug Fixes
-Adjusted Volume of Mobs
-Fixed multiple issues regarding sound files
-Updated Textures


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This Addon Will Continue to Receive Massive Updates and Dimension Expansions Including Additional Backrooms Layers & Boss Fights, and also Exclusive Backrooms Weaponry and Equipment
it would be cool if you made level 188 its own level.
legit awesome! Cant wait for the next levels!
Quite possibly one of the best backrooms add-on I have ever experienced. It is terrifying.
Level fun made me pee
level 0 gave me eerie feelings
level 1 was bone chilling.

I hope this add-on keeps on getting updated. Lots of support.
I've completed it and pretty much explored all of it but anytime I use the elevator it says it is inactive right now. how to activate it? ples help
You can't fix it, it's broken on purpose. When Level 3 ("Electrical Station") is added, the elevator won't be broken
Plz do Level Run For Your Life!
We're putting it in next update most likely
great mod but any time i try to use the elevator it says its stuck, is there a way to stop this?
This comment has been removed
Love the mod.
I can't download the behavior pack the link is broken
When to update to other level? And how to enter in level3,level4,level5,level6,level7?
Those levels aren't added yet but we plan for them to be
you should do the sub levels of the main nine
Level 0.7 - "Claustrophobia"
Level 1.1 - "Broken Halls"
Level 2.4 - "Gated Corridors"
Level 3.2 - "Wired Industry"
Level 4.1 - "Subway Station"
Level 5.1 - "Blinding Lights"
Level 6.1 - "The Snackrooms"
Level 7.๐˜“ - "Opposite Oceans"
Level 8.6 - "Martian Caverns"
These are planned for the future!

Keep the Suggestions Coming!
mason flint (not my real name just a name i use to roleplay) March 04, 2023 at 12:33 pm
can you try to update anytime soon
This is a big request but can you remove the installation of apps through linkverse. I know this is one of if only way to make money with your work but please. Because of this we have to install shaddy apps at best or we install malware to infect our computers or phones.
Just so you know, you only have to click the button to download not actually have to download the app.

Once you've clicked the button just wait for around 1-3 mins and it will complete all the steps.

hope this helps.
Werden es jemals andere levels wie poolrooms,level ! Oder the end jemals geben
Best backrooms addon ever! Also I use this in creative to build stuff. Is that ok?