Published on September 01, 2021 (Updated on August 31, 2021)


Hello, this is a project that I have been working on for quite some time now called [THE DUNGEON]! I am planning on making a video about playing the dungeon with some of my friends, so stay tuned for that! I really hope you enjoy playing [THE DUNGEON]!

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1.0.1 I think...                                                     I just added in some pics so the admins would like it more lol



  • le4THE_DUNGEONe_2lvl_1.mcworld (68.51 MB)

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The idea is great. The map is mostly well executed. When it comes to the boss fight, I would suggest making it so that when the Mega Zombie is killed, so are the zombies it summons. I played this map through, and when I fought that boss, I thought my computer was going to explode. It was so laggy. I would suggest tweaking that a little bit. The custom armours are AMAZING, and I love the little puzzles. Maybe we could get a bit more story? Why we're down fighting all these zombies? A bit of a motive, ya'know? Maybe put a bit more of a D&D feel to it. Your village was overtaken by this Ultimate Zombie, and you're on a quest to defeat it! Of course, this is all ideas. Keep up the good work!!!
Hello, PlushBones, sorry I couldn't get to reading your comment earlier. And sorry it took me like 10 months to reply lol. I really appreciate the feedback and I will take that into account. [THE DUNGEON] is currently on its 6th level btw. I know, I'm lazy.