Published on October 13, 2020

The Experience Of Herobrine

You are a Detective investigating murders in the woods.  You will Explore, Adventure, Discover, Uncover, and go through many obstacles to find the TRUTH.

HEROBRINE Exists and you'll find him.

  • You will wander darkness in search of truth
  • Obstacles will block you as you uncover new WORLDS 
  • Avoid Herobrine In The Caverns Of GlowCave
  • Discover The Truth As You Grow Closer To The Beginning

No matter what, You Will Loose

This Map Takes Up: 200 MB

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Bro this is a good concept for a Typical Herobrine map. But we gotta talk! You stole the Herobrine 1.16 Addon made by Clash Force Craft. So, this map does not work and since I have the Herobrine 1.16 Addon, this map’s not gonna work. In the next update. Please lower the addon file storage and please make a new Herobrine Addon instead. Thank you and have a wonderful day:)
The sanchez squad April 14, 2021 at 6:07 pm
This is one goddamn file just for a piece of shitty shit shit
The Map is great and all but it makes my Storage critically low. Could you please make the file smaller?