Published on December 11, 2019

Sky Biomes V1.1

A Map with tons of Sky Blocks. Multiplayer friendly and a great experience to share with friends. You will begin in PreLobby were you will be able to check rules, info, extras, and credits. Once You are done exploring PreLobby you can click the main start button and you will be teleported to the Beginner Island and given a few useful resources. A Huge Map of the world will be located outside the block you are teleported to at which you can discover or map out possible other bocks you want to explore. Each Block is AT LEAST 100+ blocks from each other so be prepared to gather resources from each block and build a lot. This should cover Almost Everything you need to know before starting your experience.

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  1. Rephrased Brief Introduction to make more sense and explained the map and its design more clearly
  2. Added More Pictures to the description 
  3. Updated Map to 1.14 and added bees into 3 different blocks



  • §l§1Sky §1Blocks §4V§01§4.§00.mcworld

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It's a fun and beautiful map as I've seen from other youtubers, but we have a problem, this map is only available for 1.14. Is there a version for 1.16.220? or can you update the map to 1.16.220?
Make sure more people download it. Sorry for my English is very bad :(:
Guest-8308036414 May 14, 2020 at 4:53 am
It Says ‘level import failed’
Sadly this world is no longer compatible
the map doesnt work, it says import failed... im on windows 10 and have downloaded it before so is there a reason it doesnt download?
Guest-8966678708 May 04, 2020 at 9:22 am
im getting the same error
Works for me, is this still an issue for you people?
make this an mc world pls
It is a .mcworld file and should load in correctly.
Please make an addon where these randomly spawn in the air
This is a great idea in theory, but it would take me months to create and sadly I do not have the time to focus on a project of that scale. Thanks for the idea though :]
Just started playing with a friend and so far the experience its awesome!
Great map I have played sky block and so far this is highly more detailed and interesting than most maps I’ve played in this category