Published on April 02, 2020

The Flying Modern House

Have you ever wanted a house in Minecraft that you can controll with buttons? Here you have it! The Flying house is a modern house made by me and there are 6 buttons on the floor each button makes it so it moves 1 block left/right/forward/backward/up/down in different directions.

This is a great modern house and its design is futureistic.

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Added more description plz allow it.

I really worked more than 3 days for this house plz!



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Hah.nice one!?
Hey man congratulations on getting this showcased on YouTube by unspeakable gaming, it got like a million views! Shame he didn’t link the map or give credit, sorry about that
I saw the video thx to Unspeakable for playşng my map. :)
I like the idea but I wish items could stay in chests
İts really nice map
Plz add zip file
anyone can make it with /clone
its not that hard
bad just one building i hate the map
What do you expect its name is flying house not flying city!