Published on January 04, 2021 (Updated on January 04, 2021)

The Fortress Run

The Fortress Run is a Map where you are stuck in a Jungle Fortress mixed type of Biome Place, You must find 12 hidden Keys inside of the Chests to escape before Dream finds you and Kills you.

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Hi, Sorry for bothering a couple of times now, I'm new and it's my first map 😅 still trying to figure out a way to share a file without it turning into a zip file automatically. Could you please check and tell me if its a zip file this time?


  • fortressrun.mcworld

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I extracted the Player Add-on, switched with custom skins and added it to a lot of my worlds so I could have Dream. (Rename "Spawn Niceguy" to §aDream) and his Player name will be lime green! I'm not alone anymore!
Sheesh! Dream really hates Vexes! He killed me!
Wow! This Map is pog!
It's very maps
I really appreciate this! Thank you!!