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Published on January 04, 2021 (Updated on January 04, 2021)

The Fortress Run

The Fortress Run is a Map where you are stuck in a Jungle Fortress mixed type of Biome Place, You must find 12 hidden Keys inside of the Chests to escape before Dream finds you and Kills you.

Here are a couple of images of this map if you would like to see before downloading, Note that Dream is superior over you in terms of Speed, He can kill you within 2 hits without armor. I have also used some addons and shaders for this map. Here are all the credits:

Shaders: YamaRin

Player Bot: Rafa

Invisible circle touch indicator: Alexansolo

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Hi, Sorry for bothering a couple of times now, I'm new and it's my first map 😅 still trying to figure out a way to share a file without it turning into a zip file automatically. Could you please check and tell me if its a zip file this time?

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