Published on February 24, 2021 (Updated on February 24, 2021)

The Pit

In this harsh world, the rugged tribesmen need their entertainment. Enter the arena, gladiator.

Features gladiator kits, PvE combat, multiplayer support with PvP options, and a fully resettable, well-built arena. 

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  • Updated Thumbnail.
  • Updated Description
  • Added credits and link to the Player Model NPC pack.


  • The Pit (.mcworld; direct download)

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Looks good. Can you add gladiators and make them mount the ravagers as well?
Why did u give it a 1 star?
Hi, thanks for leaving feedback.

As of now I don’t really plan for any more PvE mechanics. I want this map to feel as vanilla as possible. However, I have big plans for a future map that might just have something like that.
Sorry forgot to rate
I love this map also is mob battles allowed? If so thank you much
Hey, Black Entity, glad you like it!

I’m not sure what you mean by “mob battles”. You can fight the ravagers (in fact, that’s what the point of the game is), and you can PvP if you want to. The mobs can’t fight one another though.
this is cool loking but it will not let me get it in the original education edition of minecraft
education edition is outdated so it cannot load this map
It should work just fine in normal Minecraft Bedrock. I don’t have EDU Edition, so I can’t really help troubleshoot.
Oh okay :D its fine i enjoyed the map bevause of this map i become better at PvP
Glad i found this map