The Tower Of Torture Parkour: RAGE EDITION (UPDATE)

Are you looking for a intense, professional parkour map? This map is designed to mkae you go mad. It is a vertical tower that goes from level 0 to 256 (max height.) It features 5 levels; easy, medium, hard, very hard and near impossible. This map will test your abillties and see how far your can progress. Warning: extreme rage!

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  • Updated download link to a safer one.
  • Updated some lighting issues.


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There's this one 3 block jump that feels like a 5 block jump for some reason D:
Is this completely possible without cheating? I plan on trying to complete it with friends.
Loved it! It took me 3 hours to complete with a lot salty moments. Will look forward for more
Thanks dude! Another 2 are coming and one is already submitted and waiting for the accept!