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Published on December 29, 2020 (Updated on December 29, 2020)

The Tree - Parkour and CTM Map

Probably you played parkour and ctm maps, but, Have you played a parkour-ctm map? 

In this map you will be the heroe that is going to obtained the stolen stones, so you will travel around some dimension to get it. 

Rigth now the map only contain one dimension, but I am working in the anothers.

Someone has stolen the elementals stones, for that reason The Tree chose you to return the stones.

The Tree

To do this work this kind of god put the dimension portals in the enormous tree.

You have to follow the yellow blocks to arrive in the portal, but you might to do parkour to arrive in there.

First Dimension

When you have jumped into the first portal you will be teleported to the Ice dimension,in there you can find yellow and green blocks, the last ones is a kind of checkpoint to save the progress.


With this object you can return to your last checkpoint

Experience bottle

The function of it is that you can return to your lobby 


1.- Do not leave of the map.

2.- Try to do not use the creative.

3.- Render distance= 10 or less

4.- Enjoy playing.

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2.5 / 5 (2 votes)
um what do you do in the ice stone?
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Bug: Sometimes (majority) if you threw the snowball to go the last checkpoint, it will act as a real snowball and just disappear.

Besides the bug, this is great!
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