The War Arena v2

Welcome to Reckon soul gaming once again, and this time we present you with a new world of Minecraft "The Arena". This will be the WWE of Minecraft show your valor by fighting these bad mobs and win against them. Last to survive wins "The War Arena" Enjoy!!

One person will become the host and other will be fighting against the mobs in the arena, this world is multiplayer supported so it is going to be a lot fun. Challenge your friends into the battle of the Arena to proof there worth in the world of Minecraft, you can also fight player vs player in the arena. There are notes alongside to the levers telling you what that particular lever does. So be ready to enjoy a fierce battle in the world of Minecraft.

Mobs Panel for the Host: Choose predefined level of mobs or use spawn eggs to make it more thrill

You can troll your player with these lever which spawn wither boss, lightning or ender dragon. 

This is the Lobby of the game. All player and host can start the game from here. Read all the rules 1st and start playing. 

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– All rights belongs to the owner and developers.

– Give credits to owner if making a video. 

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Bug fixed.

New Challenges

New Trolling Functions

Charged creeper and Lightning added through levers


Download the .mcworld file from the link and just open that file its automatically load the world and Enjoy

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