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Published on February 03, 2021 (Updated on March 16, 2021)

TheBasictype's SkyBlock! (World of Life Update)

Welcome To TheBasictype's SkyBlock! Here we have many fun things on the SkyBlock that you can do for hours like Survive, hang out With Mr. Villager, Go Mineing, Find Secrets under the island, and so much more

here is a calm place where you can have fun and play with friends in the new and fresh updated island world thanks to Yeeter33 for helping me with the 1.1 update ideas he is a fan of the skyblock if you post your skyblock adventures of this skyblock on youtube tell me and you will get a shout out have a good day and if there are complaints or bug, tell me and i will try my best to fix them  

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Added Mobs to the island

Gave Mr. Villager a Name With Name tag

Mr Villager House Now Has A Door

New map in game name

more starting loot

more grass

more secrets

game no longer crashes when you mine obsidian with a lava bucket 

Come back next time for a shiny green update

and some better island secrets and loot


  • SkyBloxk v.1.1
  • Skyblock v.1.0 (old version)

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