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Published on August 13, 2019 (Updated on June 09, 2020)

THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL (Part 3) [Puzzle]

This map is based on the video game "this is the only level". It is an adventure map in which we must go through a series of riddles to continue the story through multiple challenges, but always on the same stage.

The scenario will always be the same with tiny changes that you must discover to unlock the next level 

Throughout history we find different problems, for example, we find underwater:

All levels have a book that contains a clue to help us solve the mystery.

The map currently has a total of ten levels.

This is my first installment of a future saga where I will continue to develop the story with more levels and new scenarios! Have fun!

I just found out that TabGameplays uploaded a video playing my map. I 💜 it.


The new update brings with it a mechanism. It's an elevator. For proper operation, it should be placed on the wooden slab protruding to the left of the observer. This will avoid certain problems. I'll keep working to increase the player's comforts

Select version for changelog:


Fixed the title

Changed the light arrow system at the beginning of the map, no longer makes annoying noises

In the second scenario it was possible to fall down the elevator and get stuck there, this was fixed

There was a problem in the last two levels of Scenario 3 that caused piglets to not pass in certain places, those levels were modified so that this would not happen any more

At the end of the last level now that you won't stay there, you'll be back to the beginning. This is probably one of the latest versions of this great project. Thank you all for playing and all the amazing youtubers who dedicated a video to it. Thank you very much 💜

Known bugs:

There's a system so that if some piggy at level 3 dies it will reappear, although sometimes it doesn't work, I'm investigating this, but I haven't been able to fix it yet


If the .ZIP file is downloaded, you must unzip it and move the folder to games / com.mojang / minecraftWorlds / If you download a .Mcworld file you just have to open the file with the Minecraft application

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3.71 / 5 (7 votes)
A blast to play with my brother and sister, would definitely enjoy a sequal
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wow me and my bro had so much fun playing this thanks
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This is the most creative adventure map I've seen with only two level.
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the link is broken can someone pls give me the link?
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Yep the only criticism is that it is so annoying hearing the Pistons in the beginning of the map, and maby put the player in adventure mode so we can't break blocks
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“This map has a total of ten levels” but THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL!
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“This map has a total of ten levels” but THIS IS THE ONLY LEVEL
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Hey there is a key in the chest every time he he he disipointing
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That was kinda the point. it's the same level repeating
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this was awesome! honestly the invisible 3d maze was insane though
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the map was a lot of fun to play, the only downside was the fact that It was short. I can't wait for part two!
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Thank you very much for your opinion, I had put aside the project to start new maps, but I will work on it again to bring it as soon as possible for all the support they are giving me :)
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