Published on October 29, 2020 (Updated on October 29, 2020)

[THS] Parkour

I am Thai and not very good at English. Begin jumping from stage 1 to stage 100 on a not very difficult level. But some levels are difficult and can make you angry and this map.

Good Luck

This map is made by Thai Studio or abbreviated as THS. This map is a jumping map with 100 levels and some levels have to think about how to pass, because one map will be too easy.

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This map has many themes to play with.

Picture :

Good Luck!

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Updated things about the map and added the finish line system.

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Absolutely INCREDIBLE Map! Jumps werent repetetive, the theme for each level was nice, Level design was exceptional. Very good!
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This available for 1.16?
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you may want to change the logo design, looks like a swastika
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seems very nice
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