Published on September 17, 2021

Time Stop Machine

Here's the free time stop machine, NO mods and add-on! This machine is made on *Command block! You Can stop husk, arrow, items, tridents, snowball, cow, pig, chicken! No need add-on to enjoy the time stop power!

Time Stop Machine Made by BTG15 DIGITAL

Stopable entities : husk, arrow, items, trident, pig, cow, chicken!

I add some custom 3 awesome custom powers!

I haven't add any addon!

First custom power : ghost mode abilities : walk on walls and more ghost abilities

Second custom power : destroy all mobs

Third custom power : make a tornado, to make a origin tornado SPAM snowballs!!!!!

last custom power : the time stop, you can stop mobs by summoning the *timeStop entity



Just download and import the map!



  • COMMAND_map_.mcworld (62.94 KB)

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incredible this all incredible you are very good could you make a map to teach the commands please -dylan your fan
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