Tipped Swords Add-on

Have you ever wanted the thrill of pvp with tipped arrows, but with swords instead? Well you're in luck, my Tipped Swords Add-on does just that. With 228 new craftable swords you can pvp your friends with style. Simply hit them with your sword and they will receive that effect. It also works on mobs!

Hello there! My name is TougherClient64. This project took a few weeks so I hope you like it. If you need any assistance just leave a comment on here, my discord, or on my YouTube channel, AsmosApple. I work for a marketplace team and do commissions on my discord server.  https://discord.gg/gs8qqcFzse If you liked this add-on please remember to join my discord and like and subscribe on my YouTube channel.

If you plan to do a showcase on this add-on please add the link to this webpage in the description.

Please do not claim any of my work as your own or post this add-on on any websites to earn revenue.


Getting It

There is no setup for this add-on, just apply it to your world and you're ready to go.

In creative, you can find these swords equipment category under swords.

Also, you can craft these item using the items. All you need to make the swords is a sword of that type, and all of the items to make that potion. For example:

Crafts a Sword of Decay (0:05)

If you don't know how to make all of the potions, you can use this image for reference.

Credit - https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Brewing




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Changed Download Links To Let You Go Straight To Mediafire


Simply Download The Files And Open Them Into Minecraft.

In Your World Make Sure To Turn On Holiday Creator Features. Or It Will Not Work.

Supported Minecraft versions

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plz fix the link, and also plese use Helpw2s in the fortnite store.
Could you please read pinned messages before complaining about things I can’t fix and advertising?
Ok. I am very sorry, but disregard all of my previous comments regarding the pack error, I have fixed the back and send in a submission for them to update this webpage. I am sorry for the inconvenience but the issue has been resolved and will be available to you shortly.
*failed to import the pack*
i dont know what was wrong but looks amazing but hope you can fix it (in case is something wrong woth other people)
What errors did it say in the logs? When it says that click on the box to see it.
Ok, I found the issue with downloading the pack. I’m very sorry for the technical issue. Minecraft isn’t putting the pack in the right place when you are on mobile. If you have the issue please add me on discord and just text me “tipped swords” and ill send you the correct file path. I’m very sorry but you’ll have to put it in the correct file path manually for the resource and behavior
its ok,i will add you on discord right now
You can simply join my discord if you would like, I'm doing some testing right now to get the pack to work correctly
Could you make tipped armor. Example if it’s tipped by a bad effect then you are immune to that effect but if it’s good you get that effect permanently until you take the armor off.
Sounds cool, it might be next on the list now 🙂
failed to import
I’m sorry that happened to you, could you tell me what device you’re on so that I could fix it?
I’m on mobile and the same thing happened to me and the specific device is a Samsung
Ok, I know the problem. With the new update Minecraft movied the files for androids. I’ll add a link for androids soon. You have to turn the file into a zip, then a folder, then put them in the right file places.
same problem bro,Lenovo tab
wich folder we should put the addon tho?
Maybe you can do potion combining with other tools and armor?
I’m open to any ideas if you could elaborate on that a little more
Same as swords but add the ability to combine with axes, shovels, hoes, pickaxes and armor
I have been searching all over for a mod that lets you create potion tipped sword thx