Published on July 16, 2019 (Updated on May 29, 2023)

Titan 2004 Addon

This addon adds the mighty Titan to your Minecraft world!

This isn't based on anything specific, but I thought this entity would be very cool to play with in a city map, so here it is.

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  • Added .zip file download
  • Added tutorial on how to skip URL shortener


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Make him spawn naturally. It’s fun for modded survival.
how do u spawn it
I really like this addon but can you please make an attack on titan mod. Message me for ideas (on Xbox if you have one if not we will just speak in comments), i have not seen a attack on titan mod for 1.12 so it would be awesome if you could make one!
Does it spawn?
How do you make mods and custom entities?
The link will work in a few days, I'm updating it to a custom entity.
plz made an addon of king of the monsters Godzilla II
Please make this into its own custom mob. You can do this now
Why is the titan isnt big im in 1.12
You probably only activated the behaviour pack
Make it where it can attack everything, expect other titans.
It's good, but you do realize you can add custom mobs since 1.12, right?
I love this addon. Its better than the godzilla addon. But please make this a custom mob so that it will be compatible for the latest version also add a craftable sword that can one hit this mob cause its too op to handle, even my army of golems cant beat this. Also i love this addon.
nah, godzilla addon is better
Thanks, but I haven't tested it in 1.13.
Custom mobs can be added since 1.12 not 1.13