TnT Bombs (Dynamite Update)

Have you ever wanted to see a useful and also throwable version of TnT in your Minecraft Worlds? Then you've come to the right place! Introducing TnT bombs, a Bomb with similar behaviors to TnT.

TnT bombs are a useful resource as their not that hard to make and you can make them more powerful by throwing more than one quickly. The picture above shows an example of the devastation of throwing tons of TnT bombs. This will help you obtain ores possibly more quickly by blowing holes in caves and other places. 

One TnT Bomb is equal to that of regular TnT as shown in this video:

TnT bombs also have the behavior of something like a sticky bomb which is shown in these pictures:

This is a perfect way to destroy a tree in one go!

The sticky bomb like feature allows it latch onto mountains and caves and explode making tons of em even a whole stack of TnT bombs very destructive towards a mountain.

Finally the crafting recipe for the TnT Bomb which there two things you need to do obtain TnT Bombs.

First use at least 1 gunpowder to craft a Defused TnT Bomb

Then next you use that defused TnT Bomb to fuse it by putting string on top.

You can make a full stack of TnT Bombs meaning you can carry 64 TnT Bombs in one stack making it more useful but this addon doesnt end there!

If you want something even more destructive than look no further than the Stick of dynamite.

Here is a comparison between the destructiveness of a TnT Bomb and a stick of dynamite. As you can see it's more destructive and can also come in handy.


The Stick Of Dynamite is basically a stronger and more powerful version of TnT Bombs

Now for crafting recipes for the stick of Dynamite.

First put at least two pieces of gunpowder in the crafting table.

Next put the defused dynamite and a string.

Now you have a stick of dynamite.

Here is a video on my channel that you can report any bugs in this addon to me with:

I also have a discord server to report bugs in:

Things to be added in the next update:

  • New types of throwable TnT
  • Accessible in creative inventory as soon as the mcbe bug that has to do with this is fixed.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Finaly suggestions from the community on new features such as new items and new mobs possibly!

Select version for changelog:

  • Added Stick of dynamite
  • Added defused dynamite
  • Added defused TnT bomb
  • Changed crafting recipe for TnT Bomb


Make sure to turn on experimental gameplay.



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Epic keep it up!
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can make a mcaddon link in the download area cause i cant figure out how to download it
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Im updating my addons soon so please give me some time to fix things
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Hmm lemme see if I can look into that I'll try to find a fix for that
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Can I use for mod showcase? Please?
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Sure go ahead all I require is that you put a link to this addon
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Is there a way to make it so the bomb won’t destroy anything? Mob griefing doesn’t change anything and I like the mod
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I couldn't find anything in the code however I'll make a new feature you will be able to actually switch from defused to armed
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It could also be the app I'm using to check the code so I'll try other things as well
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Tysm for your feedback I added in defused TnT Bombs that can be used to craft TnT Bombs plus more so they start off harmless this is my first time addon creating so I'll be trying to figure out how to make a better way to disable the bombs or so on
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