Published on June 16, 2020 (Updated on July 28, 2020)

Tower Of Minecraft [Oofy Update]

Is like a recreated game called tower of hell in roblox by YXCeptional Studios

Do you have what it takes to beat all 6 stages in one tower? Show your minecraft parkour skills if you want to beat Tower Parkour.

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-Add 3 more tower

After you beat 6 stages in 1 tower you need to go through to Portal then you'll be teleport in to a different Tower.

The Oofy update I now available, Download it right Now!

Hi Oofy if you're reading this that would be really noice. Me and my sister was watching your video and we found out the you played our map and revised so THC for playing and we hope you enjoy this new update.


Builder: SwenIIX, Kazzandra

Command Block Engineer: SwenIIX

The Oofy Update is  now available. Go try dowload this now!  Oofy is a roblox toh youtuber and he is the first person who review this map. So i updated my map because I was happy that a famous youtuber played my map! Hey Oofy I hope you play this one ;)

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-Rename the title 

-Changed the feature image

-Add Ladders

-Add 4 new stage

-Add 1 Tower


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Level import failed
Bruh both of them are the .zip file I can't download
whats wrong in the map can you specify instead of trash-talking
Gimme op mc 1.14 mods September 07, 2021 at 6:53 pm
Yo he means their both .zip and not .mcpack
Oh yeah and also, I can't download the file because both of these are .zip tho.
this is what im looking for.
thank you
just my rage it is really good
Fuck this game
Woah buddy language!
Bruh i stuck in this stupid neo but still enjoying so dont delete it
Oui You copy pinkleaf
IT d:::
Wow i didnt played this yet
I can't use it it says a newer version is out
You should be able to play now! (Nether Update)