Published on August 03, 2020 (Updated on August 03, 2020)

Trapped Chest Indicator

Has your friend ever trolled you using a trapped chest? Do you find it hard to distinguish the chest and the trapped chest? Well this could definitely be for somebody like you! It is a very small download saving your valuable storage. For those of you with low end devices - this pack does not increase any kind of lag or give your device a virus.    

I have tweaked the default trapped chest texture to a more obvious texture making it very easy to tell if it is trapped. It has a vibrant red texture whilst still holding onto the default chest texture. Let the images speak for themselves!

Before using resource pack: 

(the default trapped chest texture)

After using resource pack:

(my tweaked trapped chests)

Please note that this completely free to use for your own needs and may be edited.

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Thank you! this is a perfect pack for those like me who are too dumb to look at the handle before opening it.
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(sees red thing surrounding the handle of the chest) mhmm, thats... a trapped chest... so hard to tell the difference...
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