Published on October 08, 2021 (Updated on December 26, 2021)

Traps and Stuff (V2)

Wanna Troll or mess with your friends? Wait you don't have friends---- Well same but IF YOU DO! Then this addon is perfect to mess with them or even just to set up traps and other stuff! DISCLAIMER:You are allowed to use this addon in modpacks if you credit me you can make a preview with it but you can not steal it  or say this is your addon! And Only link the MCPEDL Link not direkt links thanks

Fake Grass and such:

These are quiet easy to craft and a good trap!

The Recipes:

When stepping on they will break!


Next are the Spikes

There are 4 Types which of each does the same damage of the Sword of that material

They give a lot of knockback and a lot of damage and quiet hard to break


Next the Igniter!

This has 3 modes (Reach 1 - 3)

they won't replace blocks And you can rotate them

use Redstone to upgrade them


Next is Ghost and Explodeable Blocks

The default Texture with the Explodeable one is Tnt and for the Ghost one Wool.

When interacting you can change the texture

List of blocks they can be interacted:


The Ghost one can be walked through and the Explodeable will explode on break
However the Explodeable one only Explodes when it has a other Block Texture it also breaks instantly

Also you won't loose the Block



I am planning adding a LOT more traps and other stuff in this Addon!

Fake tnt!

There are 2 types
One that when hitting it it will explode

and other which on hit will fake explode (will summon tnt that disappears)

Hope you enjoy it and Have fun Trolling and protecting your stuff :)))

Select version for changelog:


-Added 2 Fake tnt. One that Explodes when hitting and one that also explodes when hitting but it doesn't explode



I n s t a l l :)


Also turn on Experimental Gameplay Features

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Add fans to push mobs
I don't have a friend , but you don't need to rub it on my face 😢
You wanna improve this troll addon with your brain? Oh, wait, you don't have a brain 🧠
BlueRule #No.12give them the taste of there own medicine ...
( Just a joke 🤣 , no hard feelings )
Great addon!
Imma troll some villagers , or some npc
Since I don't have friends
Or just used my other gadget and pretend to troll my other mc acc
Great addon btw , soo coool!
Keep up the good work
5 stars , to you!
please make the diamond thorn drop mobs experience, but most hard to craft her
MICKAEL VANDENBERGHE October 09, 2021 at 6:16 am
linkvertise dont work