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Published on June 14, 2020 (Updated on June 15, 2020)

Treasure Hunt Simulator BETA (Added .mcworld file)


Have you ever imagined playing one of the popular Roblox Simulator games but in Minecraft? Well, you're in luck! Roblox Treasure Hunt Simulator is now recreated here in Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Xbox, Win 10 & Android).


This map is currently in its beta phase and is being run in Minecraft BE 1.16 Beta. Meaning, bugs can appear in the game, needs optimization, all features of the original game aren't introduced yet, and has no support on platforms that don't have the 1.16 MCBE Beta.

Multiplayer Compatibility

Yes. This map is multiplayer compatible. You can play with other players or friends on this map as long as all are in the same version as the other (V or higher).

Treasure Dig Site:

Map made by DXTG Josh

Texture/Addon Credits

I do not own any of these textures/addons that are being used in this mini-game and they belong to their respectful owners:

  • Fedex 1454 (Dexy Vanilla HD creator)

- Check out his textures here!

  • Team Cubitos MC (Floating text Addon)

- Check out their Addon here!

Map Testers:


The main goal of this game, as the name implies, we find treasure chests, and break them for money!

The deeper you go, the more common the valuable chests are.

Treasure Chests

There are currently 2 variants of Treasure Chests:

  • Common

  • Rare

P.S. I'll be adding more kinds of chests in the future!


We first need a pickaxe if we need to mine sandstone and concrete. We can get a free Beginner Pickaxe (Wooden) in the Store.

Store Portal:


There are currently 4 other pickaxes that are better than the Beginner Pickaxe.

  • Novice Pickaxe (Stone)
  • Advanced Pickaxe (Iron, Efficiency 1)
  • Professional's Pickaxe (Gold, Efficiency 2)
  • Hero's Pickaxe (Diamond, Efficiency 3)

All of which are unbreakable.


When you're a new player, you will have Mining Fatigue 2. Which we all don't want when we are Mining. In the shop, you can buy different effects to help you break blocks quicker. The better the effect, the more costly it is.

Effects shop:

P.S. Stand close to the button you're pressing for it to work.


Just like all simulator games in Roblox, this game also has a storage capacity in it.

By default, we get 1 slot for blocks, a slot for your pickaxe, and the Spawn item (Right-click for Win 10/Press & hold for Android to go back to spawn)

Storage Portal:

Storage Shop:

You can upgrade them (Max of 5 Levels) in the shop. (Next to the Effects section)

LVL 0 Inventory:

LVL 1 Inventory:

LVL 2 Inventory:

LVL 3 Inventory:

LVL 4 Inventory:

LVL 5 Inventory:

Important Note!!

When you upgrade your inventory, make sure to do it in order for it to work!

And when you successfully bought an upgrade, double tap (Android) /Double click (Win 10 & Xbox) on any black stained glass in your inventory and throw it away.

It should then update your storage properly (Will be fixed soon)

Trash Bin

Have Garbage in your Inventory?

A simple and functional trash bin can be located in the store. Open the dropper, put in the item, press the button, and the item is gone forever! So, be wise when throwing away stuff you no longer need.


To sell your Items (Sandstone and Concrete), all you need to do is go over to the sell section near spawn and stand on a pressure plate.

Dig Site

Have I ever mentioned the Dig site collapses every 30 minutes?

Yes, you heard me. Every 30 minutes, the site will collapse and will rebuild itself for about 15 seconds. (Warning: Can lag the game a lot)

Don't worry, you won't get trapped under there. All players will be warped back to Spawn as soon as that happens.

NOTE: Every 2 minutes, all items that are on the ground will be removed to help reduce lag during gameplay.

Looks like this is all for the first beta update for this map. Morestuff will be added once every week or so.

Why 1.16 and not 1.14?

I first worked on this map on version Where I found a major bug in the game itself. The /replaceitem command (when a lot is being run at the same time) spams the inventory and causes the game to:

  • Freeze
  • Crash
  • Lag a lot (3-10 fps)

And that's why I updated it to the latest beta version where it was actually fixed :/

I know... It hurts.


  1. You are not allowed to re-distribute this map to other websites without my permission and/or claim this map as your own.
  2. You are allowed to make a video about this map. Just make sure to credit me as "DXTG Josh" in the description.
  3. As I said, the Floating Text Addon belongs to Team Cubitos MC. (Thanks a lot!), and the HD Resource pack belongs to Fedex 1454. None of which belongs to me (except for the chests :D)
  4. (Ingame) Play in Adventure mode.
  5. (Ingame) No cheating or hacks. (Ur choice tho :/)
  6. Have Fun!

Features That Are Being Worked On:

  • Hats
  • Pets
  • New Maps
  • Improved Spawn
  • New Chests
  • Expanded Shop
  • Background Music & SFX
  • Re-texture pickaxes to shovels


Coming Soon!

Select version for changelog:

  • Re-added .mcworld download link
  • Fixed incorrect version support (it's supposed to be 1.16 beta and it was 1.14 idk how) P.S. Sorry for the confusion




  1. Download the zip file
  2. Open your file manager. Mine is ES File Explorer
  3. Go to the downloads folder
  4. Find and extract the file to a folder
  5. Copy/Cut the folder
  6. Find the "games" folder
  7. Go to com.mojang > Minecraft world's
  8. Paste the folder
  9. Open Minecraft
  10. Enjoy!


  1. Download the .mcworld file
  2. Simply open the file
  3. Minecraft will import the world by itself
  4. Enjoy!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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5 / 5 (1 votes)
Bruh so bad ?? you have an effect infinite that slow down your mining ????
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This is so fun! I like to play this with my friends, although the portal to the storage is not working, it is still very fun to play! Hopefully, you can fix this!
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Hmm.. I was sure it was working a few days ago when I was in the beta. It must be something to do with the command blocks. I'll update the map ASAP. A few things are still needed to be improved and added.
Thanks for the feedback!❤❤
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Portal to storage not working
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Can you further explain the problem of trying to download the map? Thanks ?
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TRASH! i cant play it . and i cant download the legal 1.16 Version of mcpe. so....
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Don't worry. Next week, the official MC 1.16 will be released :D
Can I help you with anything else?
What platform do you play on?
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will it work in 1.14
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Sadly, no. But no worries! The official MC 1.16 update will be released for all platforms next week.
This map was built in the beta version :/
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How can i play it because im on minecraft windows 10 version 1.14.60
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You might have to update to the latest beta version of mc bedrock 1.16. Sorry ?
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How do I do that? on windows 10?
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If you want to join the beta version of Minecraft windows 10, follow this video.
It should help you.
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How to leave the shop my friends and I got stuck in the shop help me
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To leave the shop, You guys will have to throw the "Spawn" (re-textured snowball) in your Hotbar. It will teleport you back to spawn.
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Support 1.16 plz so we can play
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By the way, this map is only compatible with Minecraft Versions beta 1.16. For some reason, it said 1.14 and it isn't supposed to be for all I know.

Sorry for the confusion. Have a great day!
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I forgot to add the mcworld file for some reason lol.

Here it is!
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