Published on June 09, 2020 (Updated on March 03, 2021)

Tree Chopper+ Add-on (The LumberJack Update)

Having trouble chopping down your trees? climbing or stacking your blocks just to get those logs?  this add-on is just for for you! you can chop trees using your axe and you can bring the whole tree down and there are 3 new stuff added to this add-on to make it more fun.

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Major Update:

  • You can now use this addon without any addon interfering.
  • No longer uses the player entity file.
  • Random items breaking logs doesn't happen anymore.
  • Tree chopping is now localize
  • Removed lumber chest
  • You can access the lumberjack's inventory.
  • Updated throwable/non-throwable items to not depend on player animation controller.
  • Tree Cutter entity block is now a block once again.
  • No longer requires the use of cutter to remove the Tree Cutter Block.
  • Major Update to how the tree chopping works.


Supported Minecraft versions

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Update to 1.19 plss
Make it not on adfly
Mod is not working, their just black eggs and they do basically nothing and the axe doesn't chop everything down
Hi this addon is not working. I've done everything and it's still the same. I play on Android and my version is 1.16.201
Joe i get the limberjack gem??
MinecraftAddonLover March 07, 2021 at 2:13 am
Hi please update it to minecraft 1
16.220 i really need help from the lumberjacks i hate it when im mining then my pickaxe breaks then i realized that i need wood and then i cancel my mining then just cut trees for planks
If you don't want to use the link above which uses Adfly you can use this Linkvertise link:
Man, i would download this but it leads me to a unsafe website, and i dont feel like getting a virus soooooo sorry. If other people can help me get it without getting a virus that would be great :(
Hello, you can access the adfly website. Enter the site through the link and wait for the page to load and a notification option will appear on the screen that you will deny. After that, you must click on close ad and you will be taken to another page. On this page the notification option will appear and you will have to accept it, after that you must wait until you are directed to the mediafire page which is the download page. Wait to load and click download. Wait for the download to finish and you will have downloaded the addon. If you want more details, search on YouTube. Good luck.
I really love this addon can you make farmer,and miner but miner mine any ore and bake to his house with bed and add chess.and for farmer add houses and bed the farmer he can harvest and put again a seed
HEY!! THE LINK IS NOT WORKING!!! When i click the link it appears a page of mcpedl saying that i leaving mcpedl and i can't download the addon, pls change the link shortener.
stop acting and get a life
is this guy serioud?
my spelling is amazing
Can you shut up man?
Is it normal behavior for the lumberjack to wander around aimlessly and drees to be chopped down far away from him? The lumberjack is so far away from the tree's I fear he will not pick them up before bedtime (I have 12chunk simulation distance setting).

I figured he would locate a tree, path to it and then chop it but it would appear he checks squares around him for random path and then there is an unconnected 'locate and chop random log from bed' and we just hope he picks up logs at bedtime? In this testing situation, I have not enclosed the area with a fence.

If this is not proper behavior your mod may have issues with Minecraft win10 beta v1.16.100.58. All other tree capacitor features appear to work properly.

Thanks for making such a cool mod, an automatic tree farm that looks realistic is a winner in my books.
Gustavo Franco Araujo September 02, 2020 at 2:55 am
Então Mano eu estou na versão 1.16.20 e a textura está invisível os blocos fica no chão mais não aparecem
Is it at all possible to make the lumber chest empty into a hooper?
It's a good addon but it needs yo be in the top of behavior AND resource packs, that's very awkward and makes it difficult to use with other addons
If you chop tree block without sneaking, then not picking up the block and then sneaking again it will chop down the rest. Other than this it works fine. Works when chopping down in sneaking too.