Published on March 14, 2019 (Updated on January 17, 2022)

TRLG: WWII (Discontinued)

TRLG: WWII takes you through the devastation of war in World War 2, that is ito you have to guts to show up on D-Day or make your way through some of the Bunkers.

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The TRLG series is now discontinue, a new map is being worked on here


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The guns are replaced with bows, ender pearls, eggs, snowballs, etc. it’s bad
Spoiled brat appreciate the work
Snowflake found
not accurate since the allies dont spawn on the beach
do the guns come with this?
the same person as Guest-8353201222 but I tried updating Minecraft and everything but it's still not working
Try this:
-Open the file in “Files”
-Open the file
-Copy the file
-Open “On My iPhone/iPad” or the computers files (whatever it’s called)
-Open Minecraft > games > com.mojang > minecraftworlds
-Paste the file in the minecraftworlds folder
I cant allow my files because it always crashes mc but is this .zip because i could rename it and i can download it and do you have any idea of how i can fix my external file allow crashing
Says level import failed. Can I fix this? LOOKS SUPER GOOD 5 STARS FOR THIS PIECE OF AMAZING WORK :D :) (:
I will place actual guns addkn
I cant play the map.i just download the map but the map didnt show up in my minecraft
When you download it, make you sure you open it in Minecraft. Just downloading the file doesn’t do anything. When you download it there should be a button to open it to another location.
Please make a chinese front I’m looking forward to it like you can choose Chinese side or Japanese or the British French and the
Hello! I was wondering if you guys have a discord server? If you dont I think you guys should make one! If you already have please let me know so I can join ASAP. Also, do you guys have a MCPE server?
We don’t have one just yet, we were talking about the idea though. We’ll see about getting one made
Awesome! I really love this map and want to play and talk to other players!
We now have a Discord server.
When I try to download this map, it says that the level import failed. How can I fix this? I am on ios
I am trying to download the 2.0 version by the way.
When I try to download the 2.0 version, it says that the level import failed. How do I fix this? I am on iOS.
So I saw you talking to some one about single player, I used skeletons because they shoot you.
Fest steht und treu Die Wacht am Rhein!

Firm and faithful stands The Guard On The Rhine!
Can i play in solo?