Published on January 13, 2020 (Updated on February 08, 2020)

Troll Commands Data Pack

Do you have problems with using commands? Do you still want to troll your friends in unique ways?  Well then this addon is for you. What follows is everything you can do and how to do it.

Here are all the commands that you can use:


(Outdated image)

To run the Test commands you first have to run /function test/initiate. This will spawn a villager named test. Only then the other test commands will work.

Command IDs:

/function test/initiate

/function test/cage

/function test/hole

/function test/smiteall


The Smite command is only to scare people but can kill them if they're low on health.

It will summon a lightning bolt on every player that is not in a five block radius around you (or the player executing the command)

There are three different versions of the command: smiteall, smiteRadius50 and smiteRadius100.

The smiteRadius50 and -100 are easy to explain:

Radius 50 smites all players that are in a 50 block radius but not in a five block radius.

Radius 100 smites all players that are in a 100 block radius but not in a five block radius.

Command IDs:

/function scare/smiteall

/function scare/smiteR50

/function scare/smiteR100


The Cage command will build a obsidian cage around every player but you (or the player executing the command).

They will most likely die but can save themselves if they have good enough armor.

Command IDs:

/function kill/cageall


The Hole command will create a giant hole underneath all players within a 50 block radius except for you (or the player executing the command).

This will almost definetly kill them if they dont carry a waterbucket with them.

Command IDs:

/function kill/holeR50


This will give every player except for you (or the player executing the command) 4.096 dirt blocks. this can be really annoyinng because they will spit everything out of their inventory that they cant carry

Command IDs:

/function annoy/dirtall


(There is no image because i have no friends to shoot photos with :( (Jk im lazy))

This should be pretty self explanatory: It just kills all players except for you (or the player executing the command).

Thanks to everybody recommending new commands it really helped shaping the pack!

You can recommend more commands in the comments! I would really appreciate it, Thanks!

Shader used in images: Entropy Shader for bedrock Edition Second Generation (ESBE_2G) by Mcbe_Eringi

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To install the pack you have to:

1) Download the file.

2) Run the file.

3) Add the pack to any of your Minecraft worlds.

To run the commands use /function.

4) Have fun!

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Am i the latest? ok,here my recommends :
-Jumpscare : replace the carved pumpkin resource or spawn a creeper on every player then kill them before they do BOOM!!!
Plz do a update of making creepers spawn all over the person
Can you make it work in survival
How do I donalowed? Miss spell I know. It says (no replacements fond) also I’m mobile
Ohhh... I get it know. Media fire
5 stars just becase
you should add an earthquake command,mixes up dirt only! (good eway to troll ur friends into thinking tey would need to rebuild ur house again and add a 10x10 radius,50x50 radius,and a 100x100 radius.
Is there any way there can be a vanish command for bedrock?
/launch launches them 500 blocks in the air
Great Idea! i will start work on that soon.
Don't click this link. The website is fake. Look at the "c" in Discordapp. BTW, cool addon ADurXD
You should Add these!
- jumpscare command
- spamming
- fake chest (if the player opens chest it summons a tnt)

That's all, thx!
First things first the fake chest is going to be hard to program but maybe i can do it. secondly i dont know what you mean by spamming thirdly jumpscare: im probably gonna add a lot of different jumpscares because only one gets boring and predictable nut thanks for all three recomms Ican get any ideas that you guys have
You can just replace the carved pumpkin resource then add the sound
Please help me
When I type /function test/hole nothing happen
How to use cage and hole commands please
Also Could You Help Me Doing My Map On Mcpedl
I’m Not Good Anought To Do It So I Will Need Help With A Pro
Sure id be happy to help anyone that has problems with command stuff
I Realy Like That Troll Function And You Should Put A New Function (roll Back) To Make Thinks At The Player He Lag
Yet the same sad dude but with spaces January 16, 2020 at 4:28 am
Well done dude its on Media Fire! Thanks man its time to end my friends life