Published on July 14, 2020 (Updated on July 14, 2020)

Hide and Seek Engine for MCBE [Early Access]

Do you want to build a nice Hide'n'Seek Map, but can't work with command blocks? Well then you should give this Add-On a try! 

The HnS Engine will give you the freedom you need, when building and let you create whatever you can think of. You only need about 3 command blocks and no complicated contraptions!



  • HidenSeek_1594723369.mcpack

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When update?
Hi creator can you do tutorial video???
It would be better if you use YouTube
Btw super cool add-on
Just got home from holidays (thats why ive been gone for so long) and yes im currently working on that, should be finished in a few weeks
I think you should make a system where once the seeker touches a hider they get teleported to a hider jail or spectator arena with a command like /function setup/hider_prison or something.
something like that should currently happen, the spectator mode. when a hider dies, they become invisible and invincible and can run around the map
Im not sure if that feture works, if not thats gonna be fixed in the next update