Published on June 16, 2021

Trolling Addon

Hello and welcome to my new addon,in this addon I added new blocks, item, and foods to the game, there is 6 different types of trolling blocks, 2 different types of trolling foods, and one item that will help you to craft them all,these items will help you to troll your friends and make pranks for them, or defend your house by putting them near by your house,This is the addon, hope you enjoy it,Good luck.

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Wach this
Crap this rick roll has been failed
We do a little trolling
mods go brrrrrr Xp June 16, 2021 at 12:53 pm
When i lose my 3 year old minecraft hardcore server: WAAAAA! I NEED REVENGE FOR MY FRIEND BEC HE MADE ME DIE!
1 day later when i find this: yay he lost his minecraft hardcore world
( : , I hope you enjoy the addon.
The problem is that they can indeed tell the difference between the real and the troll version of the vanilla items, because of the item name. I mean like, c'mon..
If its all small letters then it’s trolled, but if its having a big letters then it’s real.
rename it with an anvil than it will become bigger