Published on March 30, 2021 (Updated on May 03, 2021)

Medical Items Addon V2

This addon adds 6 medical items in MCPE to help you , you can find in this addon plasters , bandages , medicine , medkit , enchanted medkit , medical plants soup .

these items can heal you and full your hunger bar .

For get all these items you can craft them in crafting table .

Good luck :)

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Adds new 7+ medical items (Pills) ,

Fix bugs ,

Adds new textures .

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Pretty cool but the pills are horribly overpowered.
Hello i wanted to ask could i have an addon i made that are very similar to yours so could I use in my video and modpack
Wow! I want to play realistic Minecraft, with this add-on, I think I can close nature regeneration.
Minecraft modster June 26, 2021 at 12:56 am
Hello i love your mod and i would love to use it in my modpack if that is okay with you!
Yes you can use it, but put my credits.
Wow awesome addon, absolutely love it,

Here is a quick suggestion: there is a Java mod called First Aid, now this mod does the exact same thing as what you are doing but, but it also adds a new health system

I'd say go check it out and see if it is possible to add this "new health system"?
Aaargh a pill made of 3 iron ingots. thats a 6000 kilos. make something else than iron. the poor man that gets the pills.
Can you make one for education edition please?
What's the difference between medical items R and B
Resource Pack and Behavior Pack I'm guessing
R is Resource Pack and B is Behavior