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Published on April 12, 2021

Trust Your Friend

Friends are there for each other when they need them most.  If they are you're sad, they'll be there for you, and if your hurt they'll help you in anyway they can.  They try to comfort you even if it is to some expense to them.  But when it comes to trolling... they are ruthless beasts...

This map, Trust Your Friend, is a two player game where one player acts as a subject, and the other a chooser.  The map is reusable and can be reset.  The map works like this.  The subject willingly walks into a glass chamber where he is blinded, then, the chooser walks up to a wall of 3 options that he can do to his friend.  He clicks one, and then the subject is released.  Then, the subject goes to his wall and guesses which one the chooser picked.  If he gets it right, the chooser then gets that punishment, but if he gets it wrong, the punishment he clicks is inflicted upon him.  The players are able to chat with each other,  but the question is... will you trust your friend?



Test Room (Glass cage is in the middle):

Zombie Kill Choice:

Lava Kill Choice:

Full Map:



Just Install with the direct link... Hopefully it works with bedrock too... (Becuase I made it in M:EE)

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Its says it failed " The file format wasn't supported". Cool concept I'll check it out when you can fix it !
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hmmm maybe try turning on Minecraft Education Edition? But thanks!
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no bro like it doesnt let us download the map u have to change the format so we can download it seems like a cool idea maybe if you fixed it ill download it with my friends and let you know how it plays out
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it lets us download but we cant import to bedrock
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