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Published on October 06, 2020 (Updated on October 06, 2020)

TweakPack v1 BETA (Client)

Minecraft has a few features missing. ESPECIALLY Minecraft Bedrock. Which is where TweakPack comes in. TweakPack will add all the features that Bedrock is missing. This pack is jam packed and will most certainly be your day-to-day used pack.

TweakPack has many cool features such as Bottom Right Chat (Java Parity), Dark Mode Enabled, Better Backgrounds and more! I have made the font a lot smoother so that your eyes can adjust to each word easier, making the words on the screen easier to read!

NOTE: THIS IS A BETA VERSION OF THE PACK WHICH HAS JUST RELEASED. EXPECT BUGS. Please report all bugs to me through Discord DM. My Discord username is ItzStingrayYT#0596.

Nether Update Panorama

Better Together Update Panorama

Update Aquatic Panorama

Holiday Update Panorama

Underground Lava Pool Panorama {DEFAULT}

Buzzy Bees Panorama




Edit Profile

Edit Character

Pause Menu (Wide Menu Icons Is A MCPE bug, Not TweakPack's Fault)



- Edit the files in this pack for personal use

- Share this pack on other websites ( But you must link back to this MCPEDL site. No links )

- Showcase this pack on any social media site ( YouTube, Vimeo etc ) as long as you link this page and give credit by putting my channel in the description (my channel link is down below )


- Upload an edited version of this pack to any other website

- Take credit for my work

- Use links to earn money from my work

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Changed the featured image on the MCPEDL post.

Added an MCPACK file link download

Supported Minecraft versions


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4 / 5 (4 votes)
I was about to download this when i see the 100MB, fine. My phone can't handle this
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Eyy good Client it is smooth for me
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non pls no no respones
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Thank you so much! ive been finding this kind of "bottom chat" texture pack. im glad you made it 10/10
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How did you get the inventory textures?
(Also, it's not a client, it's a resource pack)
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you know what a client is, right?
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It still is a resource pack, it doesn't add any client features. It just retextures every button to be dark (mode)
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I did add one client feature, Bottom Chat. But it does seem a little buggy for me. Like i said, Beta.
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I took inspiration from the Galactic Pack, no files taken though. I just saw how they did it, then i went into a photo editor and created these files. Then i put them into the pack.

Thanks for asking!
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