Published on February 22, 2022 (Updated on March 01, 2022)

Ultimate Shields [Compatible with Any Addon!]

[UPDATE] [Compatible with any addon] Need a better shield? well you'll even have to choose. from large to small shields and shields with functions equal to the netherite immune to fire. what to expect and try this addon

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-best recipes

-name change from circular shield to viking shield

-added viking gold shield

-Viking shield redesign

-classic shield redesign


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1.18.30 broke ultimate shields
Let's improve the thing
It will NOT work on 1.18.10+ or 1.19
Mojang didn't allow custom shield anymore
You could use raiyon's more shield or downgrade your Minecraft to 1.18.10
Well it work, but texture item and text broken.
TM820172301821529380954942795580 November 28, 2022 at 7:56 pm
It does not work on my 1.19.41.
The image of the item is broken. I can equip it but it does not work as a shield.
This addon broken in v 1.19.40
Can you update this addon?
Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload all your modules to Netease My World?
Q.E.P.D. este hermoso addon. No eras perfecto en cuanto a las texturas del inventario, pero si eras hermoso en cuanto a variedad de escudos. Se nos fue un grande!...

(Nah a quién quiero engañar, por favor actualizalo TRUE GOD)
Espero y lo actualize es un addon muy bueno y lo necesito en mis mundos no me gustan los otros addon que agregan escudos de cualquier bloque incluso del warden yo quiero un addon que se mantenga en lo vanilla aprte quiero crear un mundo RPG con mis amigos y necesito un addon de escudos (que sea compatible con otros addon)
Plz update this addon for plus
Make a plus version because in newer version of 1.19 the sheilds don't work and some shields are invisible and sheilds don't block hits mobs and enemies kill us through shield
Hello author i wish u could update this addon i and the others who use this mod Will really enjoy that!have an nice day!
Excellent Addon
- Works on 1.19 (June 2022)
- Works with other addons
- Shields are good but have unlimited durability, if you could change this to the normal shield behaviour, this would be nice!

Keep up the good work!
Discord: shice#7151
the shield textures dont show on minecraft
Can u change the classic shield texture to different texture like circle or cube?
Medieval-addiction June 19, 2022 at 2:07 am
So we have classic circle and normal shield
How about you make a actual normal not square shield?
Like having corner pointings up?