Published on September 17, 2019 (Updated on November 04, 2019)

UltraMin Shader

This is not UltraMax Shader. The shader that you're looking for is in a different post.

UltraMin Shader is a variation of UltraMax Shader aimed to give you an ultra lightweight and extremely close to vanilla based visuals, the original intention of UltraLite Shader. In fact, this shader is planned to be the continuation of the now obsolete and superseded UltraLite and Ultra10 Shader.

UltraMin Shader, while maintaining fair performance, is designed to be as compatible as possible to as many devices as possible. Apart from that, UltraMin Shader will serves as UltraMax Shader's experimental shader.

Support both Windows 10 and Android version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Based on my testing: Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E420s, Huawei P9).

Disclaimer: Unknown compatibility for iOS and Xbox.

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1. Updated manifest data to support Minecraft version 1.13 and above.

2. Slightly enhanced shadow. (Port from UltraMax Shader during development)

Supported Minecraft versions


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i found a bug that the bow doesn't visible when i come to nether. but that can't change my mind that i like the visual graphics. thanks
Can you make it downloadable again pls
OneDrive says "This item might not exist or is no longer available"
Can you fix or make it downloadable again? I love the shader but it cant be downloaded and the other shaders you made don't seem to work this is a great shader and I wish it was downloadable again.
Is this work with:
3.3Ghz Intel Core i3 2120, 6GB Ram, Win10 Enterprize?
Guest-8821189267 May 03, 2020 at 5:47 pm
that will definitely work
Wow! What a very ultra nice shader! This is the my most favorite shader through years playing lf Minecraft made by simplicity! And for High or Low end devices! I also love the enhanced vibrant color of the textures! So keep it up!

That's all! sorry for my English, I really love yourr shader! God Bless! <3
This shader is the only shader I can find that works on the Nintendo switch / lite brilliant work, I use this on my switch lite and works like a gem, just one thing I would try and change is make the lights dimmer for a better look, but highly recommend.
Water needs opacity changing... Other than that, great "Enhanced Default" shader!
Textures don't load for me. Bedrock PC 1.13.0
I don't know why they look invisible, if someone could help me with that please
This is because you’re device or whatever you are playing on is not compatible with the shader I saw this one some other shader
Looks really good... During night time, that is. Man, the colors are too strong during day time, especially the Orange and the Green. Everytime i look at Acacia or Grass, my eyes begin to hurt. Maybe address that problem on the next update?
too yellow.
I’m not fond of the orange glow. I prefer the lighter glows. And orange reminds me of Donald Dickhead so 2 stars. Do u think Trump’s a dickhead? Yes or no.
lmfao you that butt hurt from words and truth tha the color orange gets you app worked up lol how sad, sad sad little thing
It’s kinda sad you have to pick on people that are being honest about how they think about you :/ sad sad little thing