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Un-Craftable Add-on

Un-Craftable is an Add-on that added new crafting recipes for those almost all items and blocks that you can't craft such as Totem, Saddle, Horse Armors, Saplings, Obsidian, Grass Block Podzol, even spawn eggs and etc. You can also craft unobtainable blocks such as Bedrock, Mob Spawner, End Portal Frame, Spawn Eggs, Chemistry Equipments and even creative blocks such as command block and barrier.

In this add-on you can now able to craft almost all spawn eggs, creative blocks and also it brings back the recipe of Enchanted Apple.

Here are some example of items/blocks that you can craft. Note that a recipe with filled bucket and glass bottle will bring it back to you.

Some Examples:


This recipe for osidian isn't recipe shapeless because its not supported to have a multiple output with recipe shapeless.

Chainmail Armour

Chainmail armours can craft using Chain, the pattern are same as other armours


Shroomlight can craft with Crimson Fungus or Warped Fungus, or you can use both fungus.




Dead Bush

Any sapling can smelt in a furnace and they will turn into dead bush

Ground Cover

Ground cover is now also craftable


Tall Grass


Large Fern

Nether Sprouts

Aquatic Plants

There are also recipes for seagrass and waterlily heres how to craft them



Coral Block

Coral blocks can able to craft using coral fan, use any type of coral fan to get what coral block ypu wanted including dead coral fan.

Skulls and Heads:

Skulls and Heads can now be also craft, the primary recipe is Steve Head.

Steve Head

Zombie Head

Creeper Head

Skeleton Skull

Wither Skeleton Skull

Dragon Head

Spawn Eggs:

All Spawn Eggs are now craftable and here are some examples

If mobs have 2 loots they are usually craft by those loots with this pattern.

If only have single loots they are usually craft like this

Sometimes they can craft by combining another spawn egg to another spawn egg. These are recipe shapeless.

Spawn Zombie + Spawn Pig = Spawn Zombie Pigman

Spawn Zombie + Spawn Villager = Spawn Zombie Villager

Some spawn eggs can combine into certain item to make another spawn egg, here are some examples

Coal + Spawn Spider = Spawn Cave Spider

Wither Rose + Spawn Skeleton = Spawn Wither Skeleton

Chemistry Tables

ChemistryEquipments or Chemistry Tables can't able to craft and you can only obtain them via the creative inventory or by /give command. Heres how you can craft them.

Lab Table

Element Constructor

Compound Creator

Material Reducer

Note: You can see all recipe of items/blocks in recipe book when you are in survival mode. Except for the recipe of blocks that isn't exist in creative inventory. So here are the recipe for them.

Blocks by Command:

You can now also craft blocks that you can only obtain with the use of commands.


Structure Block

Structure Void



Border Block

Any types of wall can be used

End Portal

Jigsaw Block

Command Blocks

Where can you see all recipes?

The following recipes shown above are just a few example you can see all blocks/items you can craft in your recipe book. Just toggle off the button so you can see them all.

After that you can click on a specific item to reveal its recipe. Just like shown in the picture above.

Select version for changelog:

  • Removed magma block recipe hence we now have vanilla recipe for this
  • Added Coral Blocks recipe


How to skip Linkvertise?

  • Once you go there click "Free Access with Ads" then complete the required steps. Only reading articles is the required steps.
  • Once you view an article you can immediately click "X" button and wait a few seconds then click "continue"

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4.41 / 5 (37 votes)
Love the addon.
If I had just 1 suggestion it would be to make wither roses craftable because they are used in a lot of recipies. I know you can get them if you spawn the wither however their main use is to help spawn the wither. Because they are so useful it would have to be expensive but not as hard as getting 3 wither skulls.
Maybe a rose surrounded by 4 soul sand and 4 diamonds
Whatever recipie you decide is fine but thanks for making the addon in the first place
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Thanks for your suggestion. I will surely add this in future updates
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Make it Rose bush + Decay potion and make decay potion Poison potion and coal
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ernestodejesusdelacruz April 03, 2021 at 3:45 am
Hola creador , gran complemento me encanto sigue así y los que comentan que no sirve linkvertice , claro que sirve solo deben de aprender a usarlo no es dificil solo deben de ver tutoriales y no lo hacen en fin , gracias por traernos este gran complemento
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Wow bagus banget
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This addon is nice but can you update your 3D Characters Addon that can place it into item frames ?

I hope to hear your reply soon.

Thank you very much.
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I also don't know why it can't able to place in item frame. But I should figure what's the problem to fix this.
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This is a really good addon but I feel like command blocks are too op because my friend got fully enchanted netherite armour with it in our survival world.
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Command blocks cannot be open in survival, thus you cannot input command without going to creative mode.
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VictoriousMaverickPlayz January 25, 2021 at 9:47 pm
Tip for Newbies in Linkvertise:

Linkvertise isn't that complicated. You just have to find "Free Access with Ads" button then follow the tasks to continue to MediaFire website. After you are done doing the tasks you can now go to MediaFire.
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VictoriousMaverickPlayz January 25, 2021 at 9:49 pm
Instead of complaining about Linkvertise, why not use your brain? :)
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Linkvertise didnt scam me! Theres no .exe file on my phone anyways. I would give this addon 5 star cuz it really works and I dont need to type commands.
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Good, but magma blocks already have a recipe in vanilla with magma cream
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this works for you can craft mob heads because there is only the skeleton skull
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Can you make an link? my antivirus says that downloading from linktivertise is unsafe, and my PC almost got infected!
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Lmao, instead of complaining about Linkvertise, just use your brain
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Hey, can you make it so that chains only require 3 iron nuggets to craft? Because in the current system chainmail armor costs more than normal armor which doesn't make sense because chainmail is less powerful than iron. I know that it's a bit unrelated to this addon but currently there isn't much use of the chainmail armor because it costs more than iron. Thanks!
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That make sense, so no worries I'll do it.
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I like when many people say:"Linkverstise is scam","The .exe file is viruses" etc...Because they don't know what is .exe file...I'm using low-end device Android 6.0.1...And I didn't have any viruses in my phone...They should a Medium-end devices and High-end devices....The viruses is CORONAVIRUS broo....
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The Nether Star recipe is TOO OP....I would recommend this as its recipe:D=Diamond I=Iron T=TotemOfUndying
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Imadethistocommentlinks August 19, 2020 at 8:32 am
bruh can you atleast, if its linkiverse, not have it the scam .exe?
seriously this is disappointing
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Imadethistocommentlinks August 22, 2020 at 9:01 am
I know you gain money by per-click on those and lying about that its fixed is really a big oof.
People happily donate or support honest people.
Here, uh, yeah...
I dont get you, I really dont. You say "fixed", "removed it" and stuff like that, yet its still there, the .exe file for the scam downloader of linkvertise

just use adfly, if you wanna generate income by per-click, like everyone else. there atleast a scriptblocker addon can prevent scammy and virus infused crap.
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Lol I already the download requirements.
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Lol I already removed the download requirements
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