Published on February 04, 2021 (Updated on February 08, 2021)

Uncrafting Table Add-on (WIP)

Wanna recover some ingots from your old equipment? This addon got you covered! Inspired by the Twilight Forest's Uncrafting Table this block let you deconstruct some crafting recipes and get back the items!

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  • Added Uncrafting recipes for wood and stone equipments
  • Added Uncrafting recipes for (most) wood-based blocks
  • Added the power of choice for some recipes
  • Updated the UncraftingTable textures( now for real, forgot to put the right pack on the previous update :P)
  • over 100 recipes supported and even more to come!


  • UncraftingBPWIP_1612734839.mcpack
  • UncraftingRPWIP_1612734839.mcpack

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It doesn't work. 1.16.20
for some reason the addon doesn't work for me, I've downloaded the addon and the uncraftingtable doesn't appear
looks cool haven't tried it but obsidian isn't the most valuable part of a beacon, it's the nether star, I mean, how long did it take you to get that nether star.
you need to put the beacon at the middle to take the nether star
Some ideas:

Magma Block: 4 Magma Cream
Gravel: 4 Flints
Elytra: 6 Phanton Membram (To simulate the wings, like 3 of each side of crafting]
Saplings: 1 Leave or some sticks
Do the crafting table recipe with planks: 1 Log
Fence: 4 Planks or 2 Sticks
Fence Gate: 4 Sticks or 2 Planks
Doors: 6 of the main material, like 6 planks or irons
Trapdoors: Also 6 of the main material
Do the crafting table recipe with sticks: 2 planks

My~! This is an amazing add-on, it's a simple concept but absolutely awesome! Can't wait to see more updates, would be funny to see what happens if you try to uncraft an uncfrating table
I have not tried it yet, but is it possible to make this compatible with mods? Asking, because idk how the code works on Bedrock lol
if you're asking if it's possible to make this compatible with other add-ons well it's totally possible! I'd have to add manually an uncrafting recipe for each item/block of the respective add-on just like I'm adding for vanilla itens/blocks!
Maybe make it a little less expensive like use an iron ingot and then have another that gives you more back that would cost netherite
I think the powered rail should return 1 gold ingot instead of 6
Sure! I'm making some balance changes to some recipes that gives more than one item
¡Me encanta tu trabajo! Creo que agrega +50 "uncraftings" las cuales me agradaron, ya que están los objetos y algunos bloques más relevantes. Aunque me gustaría que añadieras también los uncraftings de: Arco, Ballesta, Tridente, Montura, Armadura de caballo.

Lo que puede darle los siguientes elementos después de deshacerlos.

- El arco = (3 palos)
- La ballesta = (1 lingote de hierro)
- El tridente = (2 lingotes de hierro)
- La montura = (3 cuero)
- Armadura de caballo = (su material respectivo que son 5 lingotes de "x" y 5 de cuero)

También podrías agregar a tu complemento las opciones para el "pica piedras", su función sería similar a la de la mesa de "uncrafting", pero esta vez se utilizarian los bloques de:

- Adoquines (escaleras, losas, muros)
- Piedra (escaleras, losas, paredes)
- Ladrillos de piedra (escaleras, losas, paredes)
- Ladrillos de roca negra (escaleras, losas, paredes)

Sin embargo, su complemento sigue siendo excelente, ¡excelente trabajo!
Gracias por tu feedback! Actualizaré el add-on con más recetas!
acerca del tridente y otros itens, decidí no crear recetas de "uncrafting" para estos ya que no puedes crearlas normalmente en survival!
You can do it so if you make it with more than 1 thing you get all the thngs
Thats a great idea! unfortunately I can't get this to work properly :(