UnderTale Hide and Seek

This is my Undertale Hide and Seek map. It so far has all of the ruins and all of Snowdin Forest / Town. There is commands in the world so the game actually works pretty much on its own without having to do anything manual except for if someone accidentally glitches out of the map in some way and there is a reset timer button in the hub just in case the timer does not stop.


This is my Undertale Hide and Seek Map like I said it has all of the ruins and all of Snowdin. The mods and texture packs are not mine and I will have them links down below just in case you want any of them yourself or just to check them out.

The Timer for the map is set to 30 minutes which from playing with people seemed fine to me but if you want to change the timer you will have to go outside of the map and somewhat near the hub is a bunch of command blocks go there and the command block tower is the timer.

The the command block that is up against the emerald block is what the timer uses for how many minutes there is for the timer.

Change the number to how many minutes you want and it will be set to whatever time you want but like I said I think 30 minutes is just fine. 


There will be more updates to the map in the future and will eventually be all of undertale. They will have glass barriers to split the map into multiple maps to choose from in the future when more is added. Also possible rule changes and new items and mechanics will be added in the future as well. This is about all I have to talk about for now so I hope you guys enjoy the map and like I said this map will be updated in the future so I hope you will look forward to that. I hope everyone enjoys the map and let me know changes you guys want in the comments and I will read them and if I like the suggestion it will be added in the next update! Enjoy the map!!!

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Image change so I can actually upload the map and if this doesn't work I don't know what it is wanting then by better in game representation

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