Published on November 19, 2021 (Updated on December 20, 2021)

Useful Amethyst V1.1

have you ever thought that your Amethys shard fills your chest too much? or are you confused about using the amethyst shard? because it doesn't have more uses!! calm down I'm making an addon that uses 100% amethyst. That is Useful Amethyst

useful amethyst has more armor, weapons useful amethyst has more armor, weapons, tools and food made of amethyst., tools and food made of amethyst.

Amethyst leggings:

Amethyst Helmet recipe:

Amethyst Chestplate recipe:

Amethyst Sword Recipe:

Amethyst Shovel Recipe:

Amethyst Pickaxe Recipe:

Amethyst Hoe recipe

Amethyst Apple Recipe:

Amethyst Luster Block Recipe:

when you eat apple amethyst you get:

Amethyst Hammer Recipe:

Amethyst Carrot Recipe:

Budding Amethyst Recipe:

Calcite Recipe:


List of item in useful  Amethyst =

1.Amethyst Armor set:helmet,chestplate,leggings,boots.

2.Amethyst sword(7Damage,220durability)

3.Amethyst Axe(9damage,220durability)

4.amethyst Shovel(220Durability)

5.Amethyst Hoe(220Durabilty)

6.Amethyst Apple(effect:speed&night_vision 65second)

7.Amethyst Luster Block(Hard block)

8.Amethyst Carrot(Effect:Absorption)

9.New Recipe :Calcite+Budding Amethyst

10.Amethyst Hammer(220 Durability,to destroy Amethyst Luster Block 3 Times faster)


for more clearly see:

Look forward Wait for Updates Wait for the Next Update which is more fun :)


Select version for changelog:


In Update V1.1 we added:

1.New Recipe :Calcite & Budding Amethyst

2.New Food:Amethyst Carrot

3.New Tools: Amethyst Hammer


Armor Bugs

New Links :)

accept Thank you for downloading and enjoy :)


how to download it by clicking the link below, you can see the tutorial in the description. I use MediaFire to make it easier for you

for you!!  allowed to download, share and review as long as it complies with the rules. You are not allowed: changing links, cheating and recycling of this addons.

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Does it work in edu edition too?
Sorry, for education I have never tried. I hope I can :)
No es muy creativo pero cumple lo que promete
Mmm añade descrafteo del bloque de amatista?
its a ZIP not a mcaddon
Hmm,You need to change the name by deleting the .Zip in Zaarchive.thank you