Vanilla Twilight Addon

This addon does not stray too far from its minecraft roots. Available in Español, Português, and 日本語. The Addon itself is based on mythological creatures. Follow me on twitter to get some updates as soon as possible @HeatFragment.

The Villager Guards: They spawn randomly in a village, for balance the theres 25% of each village defender spawned in a village. Patrols the village.

Swordsman: Patrols the village with his sword. Does heavy attacks.

Give Iron Sword to train.

Only Armorer, Weaponsmith, and Toolsmith can be trained into Swordsmen.

Archer: Uses bow to defend the village. Does light attacks.

Give Bow to train.

Only Fishermen, Shepherd and Fletchers can be trained into Archers.

Mage: Uses magic to summon 3 goblins to side on his side. Does light to heavy damage.

Give Totem of Undying to recruit.

Only Librarian, Cartographer and Cleric can be trained into Mages.


Goblins: Goblins can be found in forests, plains, or everywhere except Deserts and Mesa. Goblins may look they’re weak. Well, they are really weak but together they can pack a punch. Every Goblin in a group has their own specialty. They may be weak but they are also  cowardly, when a goblin is low health they will run away from any harm, healing them in the process.

Mimic: Spawns in strongholds. Drops dungeon chest items.

Hagbat: Hagbats are outcast from a village due to their dangerous magic and lack of moral. These creatures are once witches but since they were no more subjects to experiment on they tried to experiment themselves which turned into a complete failure. The Hagbats can only be seen on Extreme Hills biome.

Nymph: When a nymph is killed without turning into a monster has a chance that it drops diamonds. Spawns by the rivers.

Giant: Rampages when angry, breaks leaves just to get to you.

Werewolf: Villager by day, wolf by night, shakes when turning in to a wolf and vice versa.

spawns during nighttime.

Minotaurs: Spawns in Taiga. Wields a two-handed axe.

Cockatrices: Spawns in Desert has two types of attack; ranged and melee. Changes attack every few seconds.

Necromancers: Spawns Skeleton Warriors to defend itself. Spawns  in caves.

Skeleton Warriors: Spawns in caves.

Troll: Spawns in overworld. Attacks Goblins.

Ogre: Due to the harsh conditions of the Mesa, Ogres tend to sleep at night to conserve energy. With their trusty cobblestone, Ogres bash their enemies head in. Ogres starts to feel sleepy at sunset, you can try to tame the Ogre at this time frame using Brown Mushrooms (has 10% chance to be tamed.) When tamed Ogres are trusty companions and can be ridden.

-Right Click/Hold to Ride.

-Sneak + Right Click/Hold to make it sit.

Centaur: Spawns in Savanna, Has two attack patterns.

Charge and Range. Whilst charging cannot be knocked back.

Walking Mushroom: Spawns in caves and giant mushrooms. Does melee damage.

Orc: Found in The Nether, High Damage but Low Health.


Wriath: Can phase through walls, found in The Nether.


Giant Spider: Giant Spiders are an anomaly of an arthropod, despite it’s large appearance the giants can be tamed. However, they can only be tamed in sufficient light. With it’s glutton of rotten flesh you can tame and heal them using those.

Kobold: Your mining buddy, can mine coal ore, iron ore, and redstone ore. can be found on caverns and tamed by golden nuggets.


Satyr: Traders that roam around the snowy taiga.

(Trades are Randomized.)

Changelog View more

Goblins now has scared animations.

Goblins now flail their arms around when running away.

Goblins now regenerate health when scared.


-New textures

*Has blue eyes when tamed.

*New saddled texture.

*Now sittable.

*Now healable with Rotten Flesh

- New custom sounds added

Goblins now has new custom sounds!

Ogre now has new custom sounds!







Tameable by Brown Mushroom .

Can only be tamed at Sunset.

Nerfed Health.


- New Model/Texture/Animation.

- Now Hostile.


- Runs away when low on health.

- Attacks you if you attack one of it's members.






Revamped Goblins:

- Goblin Peon

-Goblin Archer

-Goblin Berserker

Fixed Realms Support.

Added Orc.

Added Wraith.

Fixed the wrong links.

Changed the Shorterner from to Adfl.y.

Hopefully fixed the Village Defender Rumble Bug.

Village Defenders are now trainable. 

Changed health and damage of Ogres and Minotaurs. 

Added Red Mushrooms. 

Added Centaurs. 

Added Satyrs.

Hopefully fixed the Village Defender Rumble Bug.

Village Defenders are now trainable.

Changed health and damage of Ogres and Minotaurs.

Added Red Mushrooms.

Added Centaurs.

Added Satyrs.

Fixed sounds not working.

Added Español localization.

Added Português localization.

Added 日本語 localization.

Provided more pictures to show detailed information regarding the creatures added.

Fixed Werewolf(Villager) does not turn to Werewolf(Monster).

Added Ogres.

Added Walking Mushrooms.

Added Trolls.

Added back Village Defenders.

I'm so sorry guys, looks like I'm gonna stop updating the Village Defenders Addon. I can't do two things at the same time. I'm so sorry

Added Minotaurs

Added Cockatrices

Fixed the bug where you can't plant seeds.

Removed Villager Guards and made it into an independent addon. It is called the Village Defenders Addon if anyone's interested.

Added Giant Spiders.

Added Necromancers.

Added Skeleton Warriors.

Villager Guards spawn change, must give items to recruit.

Fixed Villager Guards trying to kill eachother.

Hagbat now attacks again.

Werewolves added.

Giants have sounds now.

Some mobs cant swim.

iOS users can now use this.

Duplicate Pack Bug fixed.

Added Giants.

Kobold can now mine.

Fixed some broken things.

The mediafire link for behaviours were and provide more info for the mobs.


Wait for 5 seconds then click the skip button to download.


Supported Minecraft versions


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621 Responses

4.16 / 5 (289 votes)
  1. Guest-4374388188 says:

    This. Is. The. Best. Addon. It works, has amazing mobs, and graphics as well as design, and the mobs actually drop stuff as well. Keep it up! I look forward to seeing future updates. I would give this addon 5 stars. The thing is, I kinda can’t find the rating button 😉

  2. Guest-9654221889 says:

    Could you make trolls tameable? They look like the perfect bodyguard companion while traveling.

  3. Guest-9191671038 says:

    i agree with aCupoftea

  4. Guest-7238272565 says:

    Make it so illagers attack the villagers swordsman and the villager archer

  5. Guest-7656334432 says:

    Why i cant see any goblin and giants ?

  6. Guest-9052866877 says:

    Good mod. Some mobs need animations and sounds, and most importantly, they need exp orbs. The goblins should attack something. They just sit there. Are they supposed to be like pigmen? It’s ok otherwise with lots of stuff. There’s nothing better so please update this. Unfortunately this might say duplicate comment, but if it sends please read this. Also make sure things are tameable, but I didn’t check that.

  7. Guest-9052866877 says:

    Good mod. Some mobs need animations and sounds, and most importantly, they need exp orbs. The goblins should attack something. They just sit there. Are they supposed to be like pigmen? It’s ok otherwise with lots of stuff. There’s nothing better so please update this

  8. ACupOfTea says:

    This is by far my favorite addon in mcpe! I use it pretty much every time I play minecraft. I had a random suggestion regarding the troll. Perhaps they can have a varied height of their current height to 3 blocks tall and use stone axes along with bows? They could have regeneration abilities that can only be undone by fire or sunlight. The sun petrifies them, maybe turning them into walking rock with no regeneration but higher resistance only penetrated by a pickaxes and an immunity to fire.

  9. Guest-2078289162 says:

    Add some Villager Crossbow and Villager trident and some little improvement

  10. Guest-8705422167 says:

    Can u add tamanble elves and tamable centaur u can hire and maybe add pixies and fairies light being tamable and dark being aggressive have simaller pattern if attack to vex

  11. Anonymous says:

    Every time i go to download the Behavoir pack it gos to the resorce pack

  12. Guest-8900655014 says:

    Pls can you rename the orc because there’s some incompatibility with other addons like expansive fantasy

  13. Guest-5557997384 says:

    Can u pls add werefoxes plsssssss I need it pls add it add a fox variant to fennec fox and werefox pls add it and when the fennec fox goes to village it steals stuff OK :>

  14. Guest-2086795256 says:

    Hey, one question. Are the mobs drop exp when killer?

  15. Guest-7081680140 says:

    Are there going to be more Creatures added?

  16. Guest-1001236272 says:

    how to recruit villagers?

  17. Guest-3833606512 says:

    The behavior pack doesn’t work it says duplicate file and there both resource packs

  18. Guest-6098443205 says:

    Can you add dragons pls

  19. Guest-7055564489 says:

    what the f**k why are both the files resource packs i want do download it but i just get errors telling me its missing the dependencies so where is the behavior pack

  20. Guest-9731544824 says:

    Does the giant spawn naturally?

  21. Guest-2986382393 says:

    Could u add Wyverns 6-20 blocks high and 8blocks long that’s shoot either poison or fire that can either fly or run that are tameable

  22. TheAmazingDerpyDino says:

    Halp me,
    I think the Pack ID is messed up. The BP leads to a RP download site.

  23. Guest-5336647557 says:

    Why ? it does not work for ios iphone, when I install it it shows me an error that says the dependency of version 1.12 is missing

  24. Guest-9076973109 says:

    Can you please make the guards tamable and if you do can you also add a stand option so when i click it they would stand still. Thx for the add-on on its awsome.

  25. Guest-2844910951 says:

    could you nerf the goblin spawn rate? idk if it is just me but they are around every corner and when in fields, you are prey. thx!

  26. Guest-1757794722 says:

    It is really a good addon.But i can not tame the Kobold,why?

    • HeatFragment says:

      I’ll revamp all the mobs soon!

      • Guest-1743839989 says:

        hello update the archer and the village magician because if they attack unintentionally they hit and kill each other and that’s bad because they shouldn’t get it right if it’s misspelled sorry because I used the translator kkkkk your addon is very good

      • Guest-3568883462 says:

        Hello HeatFragment, I love this addon, and I have one suggestion. when the Nether Updates arrives for MCBE, can you please make this pack support 1.16 and add new biomes and items while you fix the mobs?

      • Guest-5143838261 says:

        Hey, maybe you could make it so that if you are attacked by a werewolf, there’s a 10% chance for you to become one. During the next full moon, you will transform. It would be really fun to become a werewolf in game.

      • Guest-3075795314 says:

        can youadd felina?much cooler😂

  27. Guest-7058933025 says:

    Hi! I was poking around in the files and discovered a file called Goblin Spirit and ultimately found out that the Goblin Spirit was the mob that the Evoker Villager spawned and I could pick block the mob and spawn more of them but was wondering if you could make it summonable with commands because I really like the animations of it spawning and texture and would like to use it in my map.

  28. Guest-6788299594 says:

    Hey Dude Great addon but it would be better if you added another addon that is compatible with it that adds weapons and items and not just the mobs and it would make a perfect modded twilight survival world cheers!

  29. Guest-7456345772 says:

    It doesn’t give you the option to give sword or bow to the villagers to train all it does is enter trade with them. Fix the addon.

    • Guest-6152720450 says:

      true its doesnt work you cannot train villagers to be swordsman or archer

    • Guest-3787375601 says:

      Yes, you can. You must hold a IRON sword to train ARMORERS, TOOL SMITHS, and WEAPON SMITHS. Only IRON swords! Hold a BOW to train fletchers. Only FLETCHERS!

      • Guest-9203449360 says:

        Tried it just now. It doesn’t do anything just enters trade with them. Only button showing is enter trade or hit them nothing else.

      • Guest-8084435799 says:

        I tried what you said by having sword or bow in front of them but all i did was trade with them and the other button was hit them and they started attacking me i don’t get it? please help

  30. Guest-9551113897 says:

    it says site can’t be reached and rhat it might have been moved

  31. Guest-5673099078 says:

    Hey, cool addon
    But this is the original twilight forest mod recreated in bedrock minecraft, right?

  32. Guest-5671664629 says:

    Great mod, very happy to have found this. However, I can’t get to work in realms

  33. Guest-6675020800 says:

    Im playing the 1.14.30 ver and i can’t find any goblins, can’t train villagers with swords ect. the only things that spawn naturaly for sure are Werewolves,Trolls,Wriaths,Kobolds
    If these things are fixed it would be great

  34. Guest-8556010292 says:

    how do you give them a sword

  35. Guest-3703227877 says:

    could you include the drops

  36. Red Fan says:

    Can you add unique animations to the necromancer and the villager mage when there performing magic? Can you also make it so that skeletons summoned by the necromancer come out of the ground. The necromancer summoning the skeletons animation can be him raising his arms slowly. Also can you update the villager guards textures?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Very cool addon! But somehow i cant trade with Satyrs, it only works at survival?

  38. Guest-3874580829 says:

    im so happy this creator came back to update vanilla twilight, one of my favorite addons ever!

  39. Guest-1915070122 says:

    This addon is great I have only 2 issues:
    1) I have tamed the spiders but I don’t know how to make them heal, I tried rotten flesh but… didn’t work and if there is a way to make them breed if healing is not an option;
    2) found many Kobolds but they didn’t work with the gold nuggets, is a known issue?

  40. Guest-9138403490 says:

    Can you make villager guards with Crossbow and trident and of course new model villager guard and add more mobs [Also I loved your addon] I hate addon bedrock 2.0

  41. Guest-7017821194 says:

    the spawn chance of trolls and goblins are way over the top. they killed all villagers at day time

  42. Guest-7463810209 says:

    Your great with 3D model’s can I ask could you please make a 3D model guns mod for
    Pe 3D model guns with reload animation and sound that would be cool and if you’re make this mod could you please make it be able to make the guns in several please

  43. Guest-9714865830 says:

    Could you make it when the player gets bit from a werewolf the player trns in to werewolf

  44. Guest-5271676287 says:

    Could u make Satyre tamable with gold ingots and have goblins be tamamble with emerald blocks so u can hire mobs maybe even have tamable mobs like fairy that make mobs levitate or elves that u tame with gold

  45. Guest-9324016151 says:

    please make mediafire so i can download it

  46. Guest-5928122095 says:

    Can someone help me? I tried taming the giant spider, but it didn’t work, do I have to be in survival?

  47. Guest-1129871977 says:

    Your great with 3D model s so can I ask could you please make 3D model guns with reload animation and sound could you make all the guns to be able to make them in several.

  48. Guest-1037632486 says:

    Are you going to add more mobs?

  49. Anonymous says:

    Can someone give me the mediafire link?

  50. Bubbles06 says:

    Do you have a discord for this add-on? If so please put the link in the description thank you!

  51. Guest-1396105710 says:

    Epic sauce B)

  52. Guest-5612443905 says:

    Pls make it so that the mage,archer,annd warrior villagers get attacked by hostile automatically instead of the them haveing to hurt the monster just for it to attack anyways good addon

  53. Red Fan says:

    Really love how you revamped the goblins. Are you going to revamp all the mobs in this Addon? And if you do can you please add more of a combat structure for the villager guards? For example villager archers have a combat mode and use it when a enemy mob is close to it. They could have a animation where they hit the mob by smacking it with there bow. Also when the archer is firing can you make it so that they don’t have to get so close to fire? And when a enemy mob is going closer to them while firing they back up? Just a suggestion.

  54. Guest-2781085683 says:

    sadly this one dosent work for me since it came up with adfly this site never trust it almost broke my laptop and stole my details so I had to spend 20 pounds to get it fixed:,(

    • Guest-3334719562 says:

      You have to wait 5 seconds before you could continue🤣 you could have saved yourself a whole computer 💻

  55. Guest-1698984071 says:

    This works for me on a normal world but on the realm I can’t get the mob eggs at all. Please advise, great mod otherwise. Can’t seem to trade with the Goat Man

  56. Haven Blocker says:

    How do you recruit the villagers

  57. Xd says:

    Alguien me ayuda a instalarlo

  58. CrystalViolin says:

    Hey a little help,I give the armorers iron swords but they don’t do anything? How do I give it the sword? I tried pressing the trade button and throwing it on the ground but nothing happens

  59. Fajaredan says:

    Update please

  60. MouthGod says:

    Hey man, when are you going to rework the mobs.

  61. Ben says:

    Can you please add twilight portal and a mob called aegis

  62. Steve says:

    Are there spawning random?

  63. Kyle says:

    Next update, plz add naga and some aquatic mobs

  64. Anonymous says:

    Add naga plz

  65. Cristian Romero says:

    the mimics dont attack you, it’s weird

  66. Anonymous says:

    Now that 1.13 is not beta can it work on 1.13? This Add on is my favorite so can you please tell.

  67. Plume says:

    Next update, please ask about Enderman as well.

  68. NOS says:

    There is a bug. When i give sword to them will they now don’t kill monster

  69. ben says:

    can you put the twilight forest portal in for the next update please i would give you five stars

  70. Takeshi69 says:

    Can u fix giant spider? There’s something wrong when i ride it, it doesn’t face the right way

  71. Merancapeman says:

    Hey, any reason why this might make creepers not blow up?

    Also, I can’t tame anything with their respective items. I tried taming a kobold but there’s no option to with golden nuggets.

  72. Booker Plehn says:

    I love this mod so much, and I can tell you put so much effort into it, I got one request, and that’s to make some kind of under water creature, and make it really terrifying

  73. thedarkshed says:

    Theres a bad glitch CATS HATE MEE the chase me then kill me also whenever a coco crazy goblin shoots a wolf it gets mad at me wandering traders trades doesnt apear because of that new mob that roams in the snowy taiga

  74. Adrielcon18 says:

    There’s just one but that makes me not give a 5 star. it’s he fact that every thing that the villager guards attack don’t attack when they see them. When they hit, they become hostile. Please fix.

  75. thedarkshed says:

    This addon is AWSOME but please fix these problems: Village defenders accidentally hit eachother then kills eachother wandering traders are broken now too many gaints spawn at the same place

  76. Mocho says:

    This is cool but can I make a pathetic request :b?
    If it’s not too hard for you?

  77. JasoniatorGamer says:

    Please make the chest spawn in dungeon and make it a normal chest then if a player tries to open it,it will attack the player…
    And please and cyclops and mermaid
    And please add a boss like hydra or fire dragon its up to you in what do you want to add.Sorry if a had a bad grammar im not good at it im a filipino.BTW nice addon I wait for a sibgle update then i download it its nice😊

  78. BLASTOFF says:

    Work on 1.13? Pls tell me

  79. Poopero says:

    This mod i found on pc edition (Java) has some mythic creatures maybe it will give you some ideas?:

  80. Poopero says:

    Add some kind of dungeon

  81. RLCraft Remake says:

    whats the media fire link?

  82. Anonymous says:

    Great mod, but none of them seem to be spawning in my realm. Is it because you need experimental gameplay? If this is true is there anyway you can change that?

  83. Anonymous says:

    I can’t download the pack
    It says to click allow to continue but I click it and it still says it
    Plz help me I want to download this pack

  84. Splitcoco21 says:

    Add some drops for one of these creatures

  85. HirwrC says:

    It’s not a big deal, but you have switched behavior and resource links 🙂

  86. Dottore Strano says:

    Make it for 1.13 (beta)

  87. HeatFragment says:

    Links are fixed, It’s not encrypted anymore~~

    • Anonymous says:

      The link says that I have to allow notifications to move forward to download

    • RLCraft Remake says:

      When I click skip ad it says I have to allow notifications to move forward to download

    • Twist says:

      🔥🔥🔥🔥nice ^_^ please add new mobs in Nether,Savana,forest, mountain and mesa

    • Some dude says:

      Hey HeatFrag. was wondering how im able to tame the kobolds.Im on windows 10 minecraft and im right-clicking them with gold nuggets. i even used a good bar but still, nothing worked :/ is there a proper way im supposed to tame them?

    • Guest-4829249665 says:

      Heat Fragment this mod is amazing seriously it’s the best mod I’ve ever seen for bedrock edition. But please add support for realms asap, this way I and many others can continue to enjoy this amazing creation you’ve made. Thank you.

  88. Fort says:

    Please make it work on realms

  89. Modded survival lover. says:

    Hey Heart this comment will contain some suggestions and bugs!

    So first of all when I tried to download the mod because you added centaurs and the goat man? (I forgot the name) and red mushroom when I go to the leaving mcpedl part I was suppose to go to festyy . Com but I get transferred to NO RISK DOMAIN and idk if it’s suppose to do that but the next part is when’s I get to the downloading part mediafire says that YOU or MEDIAFIRE removed your addon from their website! I hope this can get fixed as soon as possible since I’m really wanting to play this. Secondly the mage archer and swordsmen Attack each other so maybe can you make the GUI that when they’d get attack by their allies they don’t attack them? Just like the pillagers!

    Also here are some suggestions
    Griffin (tame able) raw fish
    Phoenix (tame able)blaze rod/blaze powder

    Please fix the bugs as soon as possible and I hope my suggestions help!

  90. ResShin says:

    The download link doesn’t work. Can you fix it ? Thanks.

  91. ResShin says:

    Download link doesn’t work. Can you fix ? Thanks.

  92. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken =(

  93. Anonymous says:

    Media fire says that you or mediafire deleted the file!

  94. yung battlecat says:

    when i try to install the addon on xbox it says that it is encreptied plz fix

  95. Craftiman says:

    PLEASE FIX THE DOWNLOAD LINK! Whatever you’re using is even more bogus than adfly, can’t even download.

  96. Anonymous says:

    Can i make an anime with this add-on

  97. Can you make cockatrices tameable

  98. Skye says:

    [Please Read] There is a big problem with making this addon work on Xbox One. The file encryption is a gigantic problem because you need to use a file extractor and explorer to make this addon work on xbox one. I understand that you probably don’t want anyone to steal your work but that’s what copyright is for. Anyways me and my friends would love to see this brought to Xbox One. Hopefully a fix for this can be made.

  99. Aspyr says:

    Very Good Mod But Defenders Don’t Spawn In A World Gen

  100. Xenon says:

    I absolutely love that Nymph design.

  101. KliffJunior15 says:

    I can’t import the behavior and the resouce of this addon it said failed to import the addon is an unknown name can you fix it

  102. Splitcoco21 says:

    It says failed import

  103. Anonymous says:

    Im on xbox and the files are broken, I’ve downloaded them but their not popping up in game

  104. papasrod says:

    Latest Patch (October 6) doesn’t install the pack properly. It’s missing the manifest. Please fix

  105. MeonHaul says:

    What password

  106. German says:

    Puedes decirme cuál es la contraseña para desencriptar los archivos?

  107. RyLupSy says:

    Not work
    File is always failed

  108. Fission says:

    Say’s failed to import file unknown uuid please fix I’m on minecraft btw

  109. BB says:

    What the archive password

  110. KingCrimson says:

    Unusable, it says the pack manifest is missing

  111. Merancapeman says:

    … Is there a particular reason you password protected the folders so people couldn’t manually install these?

  112. Booker Plehn says:

    Holy I love your Mod so much. I hope you keep adding on to it for a long time. I think it would be sick to add Golems, and even have the mobs have their own drops, anyways keep on the work, your the best add on creator ever.

  113. McTurn says:

    Tried downloading on both my xbox and phone, phone didn’t work and my xbox needed me to enter a password for the files.

  114. Blarg says:

    For some reason, trying to move the files over so I can use them, it says it’s encrypted with a password for some reason

  115. eve says:

    Trying to see if it would be possible to download this on Xbox but it says the files are encrypted with a password.

  116. Durin says:

    Okay, so the encryption on the packs is ridiculous. It restricts xbox users from accessing this pack. Is there a bypass for this or can the password be known?

  117. ToastMaster911 says:

    I use 8-Zip lite to download addons and after I converted the files to .zip I tried to extract them and it says it’s encrypted and I need a password. Can you do something to help with this?

  118. LambDPro says:

    I can’t install it. Every time I try to transfer the files to Minecraft it asks for a password. I have never had this problem before, please help

  119. SmashAmimation says:

    Hey I got a idea since this is twilight maybe you could add fairy’s and mermaids, just an idea

  120. Caleb says:

    Im putting this mod onto my Xbox but youve encrypted the file for the villager archer and it requires a password? Ive never had this issue before. Would appreciate some feedback.

  121. Blockhead says:

    Big fan of your work, do you think you can add maybe Treants or Ents for forests? Like from Mo’Creatures, but better! Also maybe Giant Sandworms for deserts.

  122. VideoGameSage94 says:

    Hey! I am having problems downloading this Add-On…
    I’m on Xbox, trying to get this, if this helps.
    It takes me to MediaFire just fine, and allows me to download the Files.

    However, when I try putting the stuff into a Folder it says:
    “Source content was encrypted. Please enter a password to decrypt it.”

    If I don’t enter anything, or get the password wrong, it only puts loot_tables, with entities in it, with nothing inside. Could you please reply as soon as possible with the password? It would be perfect for the Server I’m making.

    Thank you, have a nice day. 👍

  123. HirwrC says:

    The problem is that the files are secured with password. Please remove the password so Minecraft can extract files properly.

  124. HirwrC says:

    Minecraft keep saying that the pack is missing manifest file. Plesa fix this so we will be able to play.

  125. HoppingDuck says:

    Is it possible to use this in realms? I really love this addon.

  126. Zaharlangan says:

    I am having problems downloading the RP and the BP. The error occurs when MC attempts to import them.
    Here is an image link:

  127. Pepito a says:

    Me sale un error cuando lo intento importar al minecraft me sale “archivo sin nombre” entonces se me ocurrio extraer todo los archivo y meterlo en mis carpetas BP y RP pero me sale que necesito una contraseña queria saber si ese error solo me sale a mi estoy en Windows 10, en caso que que sea un error nos podrias hacer un favor y pasarnos la contraseña plis 😀

  128. Va_ist says:

    To be honest theres so much in this pack good for explorations.So i know it will take a while but hope ya make it in 1.13 version
    Also love the addon <3

  129. Atten007 says:

    After the 5 second wait, a message should be displayed, please allow to continue. In this case, click “Block”.

  130. Ur Biggest Fan says:

    Can anyone help.. me , ini really want the add-on but when i download and start opening Minecraft it say failed ,pls somebody help… 😔😔

  131. Anonymous says:

    Yoooo, update looks amazing! But can you please fix the download link?

  132. JollyLeanGiant says:

    @HeatFragment please read my comments. (I am both frogboy and jollyleangiant) .
    Another bug: they don’t spawn in world gen. If that is in fact, a feature,and not just an idea in my head.

  133. JollyLeanGiant says:

    So, love the mod, but there are critical bug fixes needed.

    .1 only villagers spawned with spawn eggs can become defenders. I recommend changing the parameters of the professions that can become defenders. Unemployed villagers should be able to be turned into defenders along with clerics, fletchers, etc.

    .2 defenders should not attack other defenders. I suggest making archers and mages not attack if there is another defender ( or villager) within 2-5 blocks of the target. Also, if a defender gets hit by a other, it will not attack ( maybe even moving out of the way of archer’s or mage’s attack lines, if it’s not too complicated).

    Those are the most important, I think, but I’d also like to see another type of defender: the potioneer (or literally anything more creative than that name). It would be like a witch, but would buff the other defenders. As in, it would rather (accidentally) buff an enemy than to (accidentally) de-buff an ally. It could spawn when defenders are struck by lightning. It could also go around healing villagers. I suggest you make it able to drink various potions as well.

    Thank you, this is my favorite mod / add-on thing, the only one that I don’t get bored with. keep up the excellent work.

    • Astra says:

      Rather than potioneer, wht you describe could be considered and Alchemist, Healer, or Apothecary as alternate labels. Or maybe even Pharmacist 😛

      Anyway, promising add-on. I’d love to see it expanded.

  134. Frogboy says:

    Ok, the biggest problem I see in this model is the defenders attacking each other. I also suggest adding another defender, the potioneer, which is spawned when lightning strikes a defender. It would be like a witch, but mostly buffs and heals rather than attacks. I also think archers a mages should attack if there are other villagers within 2-5 blocks of the target. Also, I love this add-on.

  135. Zachary Delves says:

    Okay guys i figured out how to download it!!! you have to use your computer and then put the files on iCloud so you can load them ingame. Otherwise it wont work and it just gives you an infinite redirect loop that you cant escape from before the ad timer even goes down to 0.

    This mod makes me smile so much, thank you!!!! its worth it guys, try to get access to a computer so you can download it, i know other mods can be downloaded with your phone but not this one

  136. Oboy0713 says:

    I love thi 10/10 but can you please make it so you can sit or free roam the tamale ones it’s kind of annoying having them follow you around the whole time

  137. Anonymous says:

    When I downloaded it in the past it was great seeing that there are new updates I want to update mine although doing so led to the sites although upon using the site it completely changes the site making me unable to continue and unable to download the Add-on please help!

  138. Demonic_Zoro says:

    i think they should drop some exp ..

  139. Cthulhu Warrior says:


  140. TheEA66 says:

    This addon is really cool!

  141. Keano says:

    This addon is so epic! When the link works- Don’t get me wrong, this addon is my personal favorite, but I have an older version, and the new one….well- How am I going to get it when the link is just spamming me? No clue….Nope, what a shame.

  142. A Filipino User says:

    Your add-on is one of the best that I have used so far since they are balanced and not op. I think it will be better if you fix some issues about VILLAGER GUARDS. They are still attacking each other whenever they accidentally hit each other [esp. mage fangs]. Maybe you can check out the minecraft’s Ravager AI since they dont attack other illagers even if they recieve a friendly fire from them(not even from deliberate attacks from “johnny” vindicators). Another observation is that minotaurs and ogres are quite similar (same damage, same hp). It will be best if you can maybe lower the ogre’s hp but increase their damage. That’s all thanks

    • Discord96 says:

      I agree with this… the villager guards defiantly needs a fix up as one minute they are defending with the golem, next minute it is a free for all

  143. Anonymous says:


  144. Noobynoobnoob says:

    Broken link, I keep being redirected to scam website even before pressing skip ad button.

  145. Noobman79 says:

    The link is broken, it takes me to some scam vpn website after 2-3 seconds, and when I go back to the original page, it says to wait 5 seconds again and after 2-3 seconds on that page, it sends me to the scam vpn again. I tried like 5 times but it always takes me to the scam website.

  146. Jaren_Darkwolf says:

    Hey there creator, I love your addon, and I think it compliments Minecraft nicely. However, I’m sorry to say that it doesn’t work properly at the current time. You see, you can’t tame/recruit any of the mobs you are supposed to be able to, and that’s kinda a bummer. If you could work out why that is and release an update, many of us would much appreciate it.


  147. Anonymous says:

    What’s wrong is that when you wait, and click skip ad it will pop up another ad
    That’s when you exit out of that and click “skip ad” again
    Then it will take you to your destination
    The reason he it does that is because
    It’s showing you the ad that earns the creator the money

  148. No u says:

    Stop using virus websites use adfly or a direct link to mediafire.

  149. Anonymous says:

    I’m tired of civil wars over a misplaced arrow.
    Also, I can’t seem to upgrade guards?

  150. Watermelon Gamer says:

    So it keeps telling me to wait for 5 seconds to download the pack but it’s heen more than 5 seconds and it still says wait for 5 seconds so please fix that

  151. JG87 says:

    Hello first off let me just say that this addon looks really fun and cool, but can you please change the download site of fix it, it always wants me to download a vpn and the site that wnats me to watch an ad (the one that wants me to download a vpn) is super sketchy and even the url is weird please change it to just a plain MediaFire link or at least (prefrerrably not) adfly, just anything but the current one for behaviours.

  152. Thanosboi says:

    pls help my kobold wont mine and my giant spider keeps going in circles im on xbox

  153. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Okay heatfragment I have some changes and suggestions I would like(sorry for all of you who have to scroll past this). First off the changes. The animations definitely need a change. The Minotaur, ogre, giant, and werewolf have the exact same animation it’s lazy in my opinion.
    The link needs a definite change to just take you to the download button. the models. The models for the werewolf and goblins need a giant change the werewolf is just a remodeled giant that can shapeshift and is hostile. The behaviors. Some of the behaviors are just bad. Make the evocation fangs not hurt the following: villager, villager swordsman, villager mages, villager bows man, giant, and iron golem. Villager guards and golems shouldn’t go after villager giants. Villager giants need to be a load bigger than they are. Nymphs will only turn into their monster form when attacked. Goblins should be able to steal items and will attack any farm like animal. Hobgoblins need an entire model rechange, hold an iron axe, and have more slowed down demonic noises. Goblins should only be able to spawn at night. The walking mushrooms should have 2 varieties red and brown. Illagers and ravagers should go after villager giants. Along side the giant spider should also be a very rare version the giant cave spider.
    Now for the additions. Minotaurs will drop the Axe of the Minotaur a very powerful weapon that deals 12 damage. The ogre will drop a club which deals 10 damage. Cockatrices will drop their teeth.

    • Frogboy says:

      Some of what you said is true, but I think villagers should just stop attacking each other in general. Ex. Archer does not shoot with others (villagers) in the way

  154. ToastMaster911 says:

    Hi! I’m a huge fan of this wonderful and high quality mod and I have a few suggestions of creatures to add in future updates. Although the creatures in this pack are very cool and the best made I’ve seen out of any mod I’d still like to see a Cyclops, Centaurs, Dwarves, some Celtic mythological creatures such as the Dullahan, Draugr, maybe a Chimera and a Quetzalcoatl Jungle biome boss. Good work and I hope to see at least one of my suggested features in the coming updates.

  155. GraveDigger388 says:

    Can someone help my noob self??

    How do I get this to work in Realm?

  156. Igor says:

    Doesn’t work

  157. Kritti says:

    Please add Cyclobs and Anubis

    • Anonymous says:

      Well for me it keeps saying to wait for 5 seconds and it’s been more than 5 seconds and it’s still not working so please fix that

  158. Frey says:

    Pls add sirens

  159. Darren says:

    Can not download redirected to 18 website.

  160. Anonymous says:

    The village defenders fight each other after they accidentally hit others.

  161. Watersheep says:

    Is the download website safe, cause it didn’t look or seem safe at all. Looks good though

  162. Big_Potato says:

    This is one of the best if not the best mod I’ve ever seen great job. Although the link is pretty annoying as pop up adds pop up like crazy it almost stopped me from being able to download this but I’m glad I was able to bypass them. This mod is you should definitely make more.

  163. Lvxsxb says:

    This mod is one of the bests out there, My friends had trouble seeing the mobs tho. We are on windows 10 with experimental gameplay. Is there anyway for them to see the mobs without downloading?

  164. Marv says:

    Can you please make the mushrooms tameable and make a red one too? I think it would be adorable!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Hey. I got a problem where i can’t even control the giant spider even with the saddle equipped.

  166. ArtronGamer says:

    cool addon

  167. Moml says:

    Ignore the kids in the comments complaining glad to have an actual good mod keep up the good work

  168. Nidook says:

    I agree with vinsensius i cant download this addon

  169. XvZGhost says:

    For some reason the ad is being trash on my phone, it sends me to where the ad was going to take me.

  170. Art says:

    Make the ogre look like shrek

  171. TheSquidKid says:

    I’m loving this Addon! Especially the Giant Spiders! But I did have a minor issue. While riding the Giant Spider, they tend to spin in circles. Why is that? I can fix it by making the follow me, but I was wondering. Also, do you plan on making the Walking Mushrooms tameable? There so cute! Also could we get more variety with the Walking Mushrooms? Like Red Mushrooms, Brown Mushrooms, Maybe Netherwart? Well whatever you do, I’ll enjoy it. Keep up the amazing work!

  172. TimThaCreator13 says:

    The kobold doesen’t mine in my game what to do?

  173. Anonymous says:

    Doesnt work for xbox please make a macpack

  174. vinsensius says:

    why you put coorney ads this websites is very stupid and full of virus just put beefly ads is not full of virus and coorney make me can’t download the addon

  175. Arvy says:

    Very nice addon. Found a bug tho: Giants don’t react to villager archer fire. They just stand there taking arrows until they die.

  176. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Link doesn’t work for mobile players. Please fix. :’(
    It pains me to see this Addon updated and me and some others are not able to use it.

  177. Beast player says:

    I just downloaded villager defender now I need to delete villager defender and twilight vanilla

  178. TooCoolForSchool says:

    The link is horrible all because of the ad that takes up the whole screen I don’t need security!!!!!!!!

  179. Alex says:

    Could you add back the sounds for the mobs ? And also add the red walking mushroom and maybe a nether mushroom aswell

  180. Cthulhu Warrior says:


  181. Grawlix says:

    Would be awesome if you could make the Minotaur stronger and tameable like the Kobold.

  182. Dylan Link says:

    The link still isn’t fixed.

  183. Weasel Da Great says:

    Such a shame he removed the troll, it was the closest I had to a dwarf addon. P.S. add a dwarf with variants

  184. Anonymous says:

    The link send me to a not secure site and tells my to click here to get rid of viruses

  185. Armand says:

    How can you make Kobold mine?? Would like through instructions on how to make it mine please Overall great update hope to see more mobs soon!

  186. Armand says:

    How can you make Kobold mine?? Overall great update hope to see more mobs soon!

  187. Alex says:

    Could you fix the issue with the goblin texture with the carnage addon since or the goblin from this addon have bugged texture or the carnage addon goblin have the issue

  188. HeatFragment says:

    I already fixed the invalid zip archive. (Hopefully)

  189. Joergen says:

    Can u make villager defender addon pls btw 5/5

  190. Anonymous says:

    Can u make the villager defender add on pls btw 5/5

  191. Jelly says:

    Hey i downloaded the addon then open minecraft and it said “failed to import addon invalid zip archive” please help me with this i really like the addon

  192. Creator13Gaming says:

    This was by far one of my favorite addons to use before it was updated. When I saw it had an update I got excited and removed the old version’s file from my xbox in order to download the newer one. But unfortunately the new version is a .mcpack file which xbox can’t access. If you could add a zip or mcaddon file link that would be amazing. Thank you!

    • HeatFragment says:

      Thank you for downloading my addon!
      It makes me happy that I can make people smile just through my addons.

      • Creator13Gaming says:

        Thank you for checking feedback and fixing the file! Can’t wait to get back into using this addon again

    • Anonymous says:

      You can download a mcaddon file! Just rename the file and put .zip at the end. Ive done this before. There is a video showing how to do it! I hope you figure it out.

      • Creator13Gaming says:

        I’d thought I’d been able to use that file type before lol. Apparently there was just an error that kept it from being changeable but the creator fixed it so it’s all good now. Thanks for the support 🙂

    • JopoJelly says:

      i think if you download it to a android phone or a pc you can change it to .zip, it wont break but its better than waiting for the mod maker to change it becouse it takes long for the modpage to get updated links

  193. Gibbzy88 says:

    Link is broken again, can you please fix this. By the way, love the addon, great job👍

  194. Pheonix says:

    please i skip shows me inappropriate pictures of women fix it or leave a link I want to download it

  195. Anonymous says:

    it won’t let me download it I try I skip add and incorporate pictures of women PLEASE FIX IT I want to download it leave a link to it or fix it

  196. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    The download link doesn’t work. I click skip ad and it brings me to a random website. (I play on mobile BTW)

  197. DeathManDiamond says:

    Hi, I’ve downloaded this addon before, but now it has a new update. I had deleted the old files, but when i try to download it, it tells me that both the behavior and resource pack are both invalid. What happened?

  198. Kyle says:

    So uhm did u add the village defenders yet

  199. Deathboy865 says:

    When will the villager defenders release

  200. Dino says:

    When I download it says unvalid zip archive I’m on ios

  201. BRmonkey26 says:

    Its broken, it wont let me add it to my minecraft. When i import it, it gives me an error. It looks cool, but i am not able to use it.

  202. Broodyharmony90 says:

    Does this addon replace any vanilla mobs?

  203. Unknown says:

    It say invalid zip file after import

  204. Weasel Da Great says:

    Hey heat fragment, I have an amazing idea for the village defenders addon. Next time you update the defenders, add armies so they have a reason to defend the village. Here’s a list of suggestions:
    Illager army
    Villager army
    Dwarf army (allies)
    Skeleton army
    Goblin army
    Nether army (pigmen)
    Ender army (Ender men)
    Alien army (advanced, like UFOs and stuff)
    Frog army
    Mermaid/fish army
    Classes: soldier, archer, mage, summoner, leader of some sort. Also, each army can have 2 of their own unique classes.
    I would have made this myself, but my computer refuses to operate and I was slapped with a blue screen of death. Thanks!

  205. Alex says:

    Pls can you fix the issue with the invalid zip file when i open minecraft

  206. Anonymous says:

    Great job!

  207. Alex says:

    Sadly everytime i want to download and open in minecraft it says that the zip file wasn’t found pls can you fix the addon link

  208. David says:

    files dont transfer to mcpe after 1.12 please fix

  209. Andrew Luiz says:

    It says: not a .zip Archive.

  210. Andrew Luiz says:

    Can you make it a .mcpack?

  211. Trueshot Barrage says:

    This is one of my favorite addons so far (mostly because of the goblins and giants) but there’s a problem with it
    There’s a bug with this addon that doesn’t let me plant wheat and some other seeds, I really can’t think of why but it’s the only reason why I can’t use it in a normal server
    Could you try to fix it please?

  212. Gamershy says:

    So I tried to download the addon, and Chrome blocked it… mind explaining why it detected a virus in a *renamed zip file*?

  213. Jamal says:

    The mobs are invisible. What do I do

  214. Abagaga says:

    I think the nymph’s position is a little “inappropriate” lmao, not trying to make bad jokes just pointing it out to help you I live for you byr I love you don’t hurt me

  215. Mistakal1982 says:

    His channel is dakonblackrose how to get mods in minecraft xbox one

  216. Mistakal1982 says:

    Hi so i play on xbox the way i download is thier needs to be the behavior and texture need to be in two diffrent files so i was wondering if you could make a separate mod with 2 diffrent files i now in asking for alot but the way xbox user download addons is in this video thank you

  217. Ky says:

    How did you guys download the addon it didn’t work for me

  218. Laza beam says:

    So yep 👍 can you plz add scp 3000 plz so he can spawn in the sea 🌊 also make him rap around the ovl world 🌍 if that’s easy scp 3000 is a giant snake 🐍💀🐍 that can rap around the world 🌎 and sufakate the wold 👌 peas

  219. Laza beam says:

    Nice 👍 Addon can you add the kraken also Radom meteals that hit 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 the ovel world 🌎 if that easy for you don’t haft to do it I’m just giving you some ideas 💡 k nice peas

    • Harrythemagician13 says:


      • Cthulhu Warrior says:

        He is just saying some suggestions!!! You don’t have to criticize them over everything!!!!

        • Harrythemagician13 says:

          Im not He is saying the scp 3000 with a Not right Spelling which is this So yep 👍 can you plz add scp 3000 plz so he can spawn in the sea 🌊 also make him rap around the ovl world 🌍 if that’s easy scp 3000 is a giant snake 🐍💀🐍 that can rap around the world 🌎 and sufakate the wold 👌 peas he means that mr scp 3000 wants to have an ability suffocate to whole minecraft world but that move is just too impossible but mojang didnt have that and thats just too op and he said random metals that that it over the world but the kraken is not superman how a giant monster can throw a small object far away Laza beam is too Wrong to make a suggestion

          • Anonymous says:

            M8 speak english better and stop criticizing EVERYONE he isn’t talking about fucking SCP 3000 wow some people!

          • Cthulhu Warrior says:

            Jeez you get aggressive some times!!!! The, “Wrap around the world and suffocate it” that’s weird but lately you’ve been so aggressive in so many addons it’s honestly annoying and pretty mean!!!! It would be awesome in the SCP addon and do some awesome animations that would take awhile to make.

    • Scp 682 says:

      How do you no scp 3000

  220. Dhelrex says:

    Why when I try to spawn the new mobs that I spawn with spawn eggs they don’t show? All I can see is new villagers (except for the magbat and giant) they are indeed invisible but they won’t show to my screen any help pls?

  221. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Maybe you can even add a magical villager and illager that heal nearby guards. You can add some skeleton army variants: Skeleton soldier: carries a shield and an axe, possibly leather armor.
    Skeleton mage: casts dragon breath on enemies and heals soldiers/warriors.
    Skeleton pillager: Undead pillager variant.
    Skeleton elite: huge skeleton that holds a bow AND sword, can shoot 3 arrows at a time and does a lot of damage.

    Druid: heals allies, summons grass golems to kill enemies.
    Shield man: wields a shield, can hold a crossbow OR a sword.
    King: villager with crown, red cape, and gold/diamond sword. Villagers nearby will be buffed. If he is killed, nearby villagers go back to normal.
    Necro villager: instead of summoning undead, he can invoke nearby undead, including th necromancer’s summoned skeletons.

    Illager guard: armored illager with sword.
    Illager king: king counterpart.

    Troll archer: troll equipped with bow or crossbow.
    Troll mage: Druid counterpart.
    Troll beast: Ravagers counterpart.
    Giants will carry trolls, when giants have 5 hp left, they throw the troll into battle.

    I hope to see at least some of this come to the addon. Thank you!

    • Godzilla plz says:

      When is the new update going to come out i really won’t to see dragons and stellaten archers plz plz update it cut its a very cool mod ceep up the good werck

  222. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    I can’t seem to get the updated version on my phone.Please help it redirects me to a vpn download site!

  223. WeaselDaGreat says:


  224. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Can you add a shield guard? He can equip a shield and a stone/iron sword. You can also give him a banner, and whatever pattern is on the banner can be on the shield. Since shields are added to Minecraft, it would be a shame not to let the guards use them. Maybe the trolls or skeletons can use them too? P.S. please make the wizard mobs more powerful. They’re kind of trash.

  225. SirBreakfast says:

    I see that goblins attacks or gets attacked by the village guards (even the mage). When a nymph is there, the goblins follow her like bodyguards, all of the goblins following her suddenly starts killing her with their bows when a village guard is in their range. When the mage summons the goblins, they start killing the mobs the mage wants to kill, but suddenly targets the mage and the other guards when the enemy is dead. This addon is good otherwise but the behaviors are messed up. I hope you have a nice day!

  226. Kleazer says:

    Hey, I observed that the Village Guards do not fight in Plains Biome but they still do at other Biomes (Desert, Taiga, Snow,Savannah and Jungle). I tested making them fight each other at different biomes at a same world and thats what I saw. Regarding the friendly fire issue, it seems it doesn’t affect the behavior of the guards in the plains and still do not attack on one another. Its just they do at other biomea. Can you find a solution for this?

  227. Bruh says:

    For some odd reason, when I press the resource pack and try to download it, this VPN add pops up and no matter how hard I try I can’t get rid of it. Can someone help?

  228. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    What if you added a new villager guard called the Druid that will heal fellow guards when attacked and to recruit use a potion bottle also make it so villager guards can’t attack each other or make it so that they can’t deal damage to each other

  229. PseJanz says:

    Hi creator I just want to say that your addon is the greatest addon ive seen i love it, pls continue updating it there are people who love your addon and supports you ur a great addon maker. But im just a kid so i cant donate to you all i can do is watch ur ads to support you pls continue updating it. And pls add more boss and nether and end mobs and maybe nether villages with pigman people.

  230. Nitwit says:

    Bisakah Anda Membuat Monster Kuat
    Namanya Undead BigBody
    Dia Bisa Mamanggil Zombie 10
    Dan Kesehatannya 120
    Dia Punya 2 Events

  231. Nigga says:

    I still can’t download

  232. Please Consider This says:

    Hi maybe you could add griffins? They could work like hagbats but be neutral when wild. They could be tamed with salmon and be rideable once tamed. They could also attack rabbits. Thanks!

  233. Nitwit says:

    Ini Sebenarnya Anda Buat Sounds.json atau Tidak
    Suara Mob Anda Semuanya
    Saat Dipukul game.player.hurt
    Gugur game.player.die
    Tolong Diperhatikan

  234. Ninja_Boy says:

    Hi Creator (HeatFragment), I love this concept especially the guards… They may have seem a problem on the guards when someone did a friendly fire. May I Recommend Or Give Some Ideas For You??

    •Alchemist ( Neutral )
    -a witch counterpart
    -does splash damage to enemies

    •Spearmen ( Neutral )
    -throws spears to nearby enemies
    (please make a spear)

    -uses shulker projectiles to enemies making them levitate for 10 seconds

    •Bettering Ram ( Neutral )
    -a ravager counterpart
    -uses its head part to clash enemies

    •Illager Hunters ( Villager Guard / Neutral )
    -hunts illagers and hostile mobs.
    -50% chance of handling a sword
    -50% chance of handling a crossbow

    •Horsemen ( Neutral )
    -guards that rides horses
    -it could probably hands swords or bows

    •Illager Shapeshifter ( Hostile )
    -shapeshifts into a mob nearby it. It can also shapeshifts into a villager ( simply make something with this mob different when it shapeshifts into a villager). It attacks villager as what its fellow illager does.

    •Illager Imps & Illager Giants ( Hostile)
    -imps runs fast, had massive damage but low health
    -giants runs slowly, carries an imp, high damage..

    •Moving Fangs ( Hostile )
    -evocation fangs only summons underground.. but tjese fangs move with feet had massive damage, but low vitality rate ( health)

    •Wyverns ( Neutral )
    -spawns in caves
    -can be tameable with raw meat only in daytime
    -bursts out fireballs
    -drops bones and chances of brewing stand materials

    •Corrupted Villager ( Hostile )
    -spawns in villages.. it had a different eyes ( red ).. But it can definitely be killed by guards
    -chances of droping emerald

    •Corrupted Guards ( Hostile )
    -small chances to spawn in villages
    -can be healed with potion of weakness and golden apple
    -kills fellow guards and villagers
    -drops damaged swords, and arrows

    •Illager Caster ( Hostile )
    -uses fireballs to attack
    -had an ability to heal itself in a long tine
    -drops emerald and chances to drop diamonds
    -drops totem of undying

    •Illager Guards ( Hostile )
    -armored type of illagers
    -handles a sword
    -immediately goes towards enemies in sight

    Some Farther Ideas:

    •Ilager Camps
    •Goblin Hordes
    •Goblin Champion ( Giant)

  235. Daffa says:

    Hey creator, can you make an add-on rider ex-aid from the head of the player or mob pliese.

  236. Ortheg says:

    If you want to get this on Xbox one follow my toutorial here

  237. Yeah man, pretty much says:

    Has the farming issue been fixed?

  238. Kleazer says:

    Village guards still kill each other when friendly fire is enabled huhu

  239. HeatFragment says:

    If you can’t download due to ads, inside the ads it will tell you to wait at least 5 seconds when timer goes to 0 click the button. If it opens you to a new tab close the new tab and go to the tab which you previously been and it redirect you to the mediafire.

  240. 私 Invictus 刀 says:

    I got some new mob ideas for the next update!:
    – Villager Calvary ( a mobilized ranged and melee villager)
    -Armored Vindicator
    -Hydra (Three headed dragon)
    -Illager Giants(with mini illager riding it)
    -Wendigo Villagers ( a werewolf counterpart for the snow biomes or hills biome)
    -Brute Villager ( Basicly a buffed Swordsman)
    -Skeleton Mage (or a lich)
    -End Dwellers( add more mobs for the end)
    -Nether Dwellers(add more mobs for the nether)
    -Villager And illager Pirates ( basicly spawns in a generated ship or village in the sea or shore)
    -A friendly Illager

    I hope You like these ideas that i camed up!

  241. Daffa says:

    can you make an add-on rider ex-aid from the head of the player or mob pliese

  242. Arshil says:

    Fix the stupid virus that blocks you from reaching the download site and tells you to download a VPN please /:

  243. Fart King 177013 says:

    The guards still kill each other after friendly fire, pls fix

  244. Please Consider This says:

    Hi great add on. But I was really hoping that non-hostile goblins could be tameable with rotten meat. They could work the same way kobolds do but without mining. Also, villager warriors will attack tamed giant spiders. Please fix this and if you add tameable goblins, once tame please make villager warriors not attack them. Thanks!

  245. Bob Smith says:

    Hey I keep getting an ad for a VPN after trying to download and I can’t get out of it so I can’t download Addons. Any help?

  246. Lapos says:

    The hagbat sometimes make the game crash when it goes to flying mode

  247. Kyuketsuki says:

    Link just constantly redirects you to porn, shopping, and hoax websites. Can’t download. 🙁

  248. PokemonGmystery says:

    If you have trouble getting past the first ad, make sure the blue bar with timer at top is still there, then tap it, and if it opens up a new tab, check the one you had been on

  249. Anonymous says:

    I am very interested in the village gaurds and would like to know if there is any way to get them to accompany you like a war band. (I want to raid pillagers to see how they like it) OwO

  250. MrPotatoMan says:

    Good job I like where you are going with this. Do you have the time and patience to make an orespawn port? Just curious.

  251. Lex says:

    Thanks 4 your good work.

  252. Otaku_Boy says:

    I like how the werewolves gives you bad omen to the olayer who kills 5 stars for you, idol!!! .^^

  253. Harrythemagician13 says:

    i have some problem with bugs in this addon which is you cant plant seed with addon or plant berry bushes with berrys on the ground can you fix it plz!

  254. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Do you think you can give the mage and necromancer some different attacks? The fangs aren’t really effective and they’re also boring.

  255. Lolman says:

    how to make kobold mining?

  256. WeaselDaGreat says:

    By the way, anyone who did successfully install this addon, did you notice that there is a “troll” mob? I think it’s pretty cool. Looks more like a dwarf though. Maybe it was a work in progress and added by mistake. Either way, I hope to see it finished in the next update!

  257. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Hey guy’s I downloaded it by skipping the ad, but keeping it open. I then deleted the tab it brought me to, and skipped the ad again. After that, it took me to the media fire page.

  258. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Please fix the bug with plants you can’t eat or place berries and you can’t place seeds. Add dragons I told you all the behaviors and everyone is asking for it. Add a different model for the werewolf, add animations for the heads and arms of the giant and werewolf. And lastly make an animation for the hagbat.( when they are flying.)

  259. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Hear are some bugs that I found!!!! You can’t place or eat berries, and you can’t plant some seeds such as wheat, beetroot, pumpkin, and lastly melon. You can only plant carrots and potatoes I can’t live off of those!!!! Improve the werewolf and giant animations and change the model of the werewolf it’s just a remodeled giant. The arms don’t move. I would love to see an illager giant that spawns during raids. Again I would adore dragons if they were added most people in this are asking for them. I told you the behaviors!!!! And make a flapping animation for the hagbats please!!!!

  260. MouthGod says:

    Links not working dude, I NEED TO PLAY ADDON DUDE, I N E E D TO W O R S H I P
    N E C R O M A N C Y D U D E

  261. Rulerofdragons3 says:


  262. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I can’t install this again can you please fix this?????????? I deleted this addon to reinstall it and it does not take me to the download!!!!!!!! I WANT THIS FIXED!!!!!!!

  263. GeoElitez says:

    Any spawn eggs for the new monsters?

  264. GeoElitez says:

    one issue i found is not being able to farm using this mod, you can’t plant seeds sadly

  265. Godzilla says:

    Can you ad the cracken that has a swaun changes of 1-7 percent change maybe

  266. Vex says:

    Hey Creator Me Again, I tried reinstalling the packs again, but still failed. My friend can see all the mobs in the world but I can’t. I enabled Experimental gameplay and it still won’t work. I’m on Xbox One btw. I’m not sure why i cant see them though.

  267. Anonymous says:

    Can you change the swordsman animation like the vindicators animation (when they have the axe on hand) it should look pretti nice

  268. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Can you add dragons(dragons can fly they spawn in caves, darkness, and extreme hills they are neutral and the babyies can be tamed with raw meat they breath fire attack livestock and have custom sounds they are great guards and once tamed will attack any monster excluding creeper. Dragons will be rideable) and a basilisk( giant chicken snake don’t care what it looks like just has to have chicken and snake body parts. Breaths fire is a great foe and burns villages, kills people, and trampled crops.)

  269. Felix Inky says:

    The link doesn’t work.

  270. Kleazer says:

    First of all, this add on is so cool! I love it very much and it works very well in the application. But there’s one problem: the village guards fight each other when accidentally hit. I had add ons before that are related to village guards but dont get tempted to fight one another when they accidentally get hit to another village guard. Can you please just fix that part cause my village guards are becoming chaotic in my worlds huhu. They just fight :/

  271. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Can you fix the Villager gurads like swordsmen and archer and mage like they go angry at each other when one of them Accidentally hit each other even fix the Goblins when they attack the passive mob like cow sheep and pig making the villager guard go after the passive mobs

  272. ToxiFize says:

    Can you make it work for 1.12 pls in the next update if u will update it also guards attack iron golem,archers,mage,snow golem pls fix it also

  273. Anonymous says:

    I like the villager guard idea, can you make a sepparate addon for villager guard pls?

  274. Godzilla plays says:

    Can you ad dragons plz

  275. brokendud says:

    how do you get kobold to mine?

  276. anonymous says:

    can you make giants spawn during raids

  277. Otaku_Boy says:

    Um Can You Make The Villager Swordsman, Archers, And Mage Stop Fighting.

    Also Can You Add A Witch Counter Like An Alchemist???

  278. This addon is really good! I love the effort of the models, and the behaviors are so well done, same with the animations! 5 stars! I can give you some suggestions too:

    -Big Foot

    Some other features as well such as :
    – Goblin Caves! Shelters of Goblins.
    – Maybe some weapons..?

    hope this will help you in the near future of the addon! small but a great addon nonetheless 😀

    • HeatFragment says:

      Thanks! I made a feature called Goblin Camps, but isnt out yet since you need to turn on experimental mode, and I’m kinda running out ideas for the mobs so, thanks for the suggestion!

  279. Vex says:

    Hey Creator, I can’t see any of the mobs in this add on and I have the resources and behaviour i pack downloaded but ai can’t see them, any ideas why?

  280. Kyle says:

    The addon is amazing but there are some problems that I want to show you, one of of the problem is that the villager archer and swordsmen sometimes attack each other and the other problem is that some mobs like the werewolf are invisible. And oh yeah keep up the good work.

  281. The_gr8t says:

    There is a bug that makes the village guards kill each other. Can you fix this please? Otherwise good addon

  282. I have some ideas, but you can add the resources/behaviors, as you seem pretty good at it. Naiad, ogre, vampire, wizard, dragon, knight (iron sword + light grey banner shield), cavalry, assassin, bandits, direwolf, werebear, chimera, manticore, basilisk, skeletons w/ more weapons, hellhounds, necromancers that summon hostile pitch black versions of every in game mob (chosen randomly) to fight you. This ranges from the chicken to the wither, though the wither turns on its master. Golems, elementals. Wendigos, centaurs, minotaurs, lizard people, new textures for hobgoblin, dryads, phantoms, ghosts, wraiths, frost giants, griffins, pegasi, unicorns, giant worms, hydras, giant cobras, mummies, mummy pharaohs, stone colossus (20 blocks tall and very slow. Wander around the world in every biome, including ocean. They do not float, but can walk underwater. Thanks.

    • HeatFragment says:

      emhergerd, too many suggestions put it on my twitter please @HeatFragment. THANK YOU!

      • Sry, I don’t have twitter. Could you just take it from here? I would LOVE it if all of these or most of these were added, but if I had to pick one I would really want the stone colossus. It could walk really slowly with a cool moving animation. It would be roughly player shaped, and just have a cobblestone texture on its entire body. Make it invincible except to frost giants, dragons, hydras, the wither, ogres, and water elementals. It would be neutral, and each of the mobs mentioned would still do little damage to it, though it puts out 50 damage for every very animated and cool looking swing of its giant fist.

  283. Leo says:

    Please make the mobs automatically attack you (hostile) such as the nymph and the giant. I’m not saying make all mobs automatically attack you but make most of them hostile and some helpful such as the villagers and kobold. Bugs:

    Kobold: mines the ores, but takes too long to mine them. For example I put 3 iron ore blocks down and it only mines 1 and it takes too long to mine the next ore.

    Chest mimic: it jumps on you but does not do any damage to you

  284. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Thank you for finally fixing it! I love this addon! Villagers actually have guards and archers instead of relying on pieces of metal called iron golems! They even have villager wizards! Do you think you can add a skeleton soldier? It would be cool to have a skeleton army. Thanks!

    • Salutations! says:

      Could you by chance retexture the Steve head item to look like a witch hat and then make it a rare drop from the hag bat or witch? Maybe when the player wears it they get minor speed, water breathing, fire resistance and regeneration effects? Could have the same drop rate as a wither skull

    • GeoElitez says:

      no it’s a scam link

  285. OAK says:

    My favorite addon, i love this addon, so incredibly

  286. Obsolete says:

    Says its dangerous and discards it.

  287. Kleazer says:

    Uhm, the links says that you removed the add ons in mediafire…but is it because you’re updating them? Kindly respond please thank you!

  288. WeaselDaGreat says:

    On Friday, behaviors brought me to a broken media fire page. On Saturday, the file was zip. Now on Sunday, I’ve been brought to the broken media page. WHY IS IT SO HARD TO DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME ADDON!!!!

  289. Ankylosaurus says:

    Both links take me to media fire but it says that the files have been removed, looks like a cool mod but I can’t download it

  290. yoni1857 says:

    Please update the download link. It gives me an error that says: “Something appears to be missing…
    The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire. Still have questions, or think we’ve made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance.”

  291. Hamdan says:


  292. HeatFragment says:

    New update incoming!!

  293. Kennethjohn1406 says:

    How do you make the kobold mine?

  294. Darklxrd says:

    PLZ make it for 1.12 it a amazing adon

  295. AWESOMENESS says:

    When I try to download behaviors on iOS it brings me to zip

  296. Wizard of game says:

    I have to say, that hagbat is pretty legit. It’s my favorite feature, and this addon is one of my few favorites not created by codanraigen. Top notch, man. Could you make the nymph’s humanoid form slightly more appropriate? Keep it somewhat revealing, as it’s a nymph, but not quite as much as it is. Want to do a modded survival series, and the nymph’s costume isn’t super kid-friendly.

    • Harrythemagician13 says:

      You said the nymph’s monster from is not kid-friendly? Well if you look the Ravager or the Jungle Ravager in Biomobs? Does look it look not kid friendly to you? Well bruh… Kids dont even know to download Addons or search this website bro… you know headless horse headless chicken and corpse eater from carnage addon by raigen is cant been search by kids around 5 or 10 years old and Remember if you dont nymph like then dont try destory the looks like of the mobs just dont look like or Dont mind it about

      • I wasn’t referencing violence. I wasn’t referencing that it looks creepy. I was saying this isn’t very kid friendly. There is an app that collects mcpedl stuff and makes it easier to download. The carnage addon is one of my favorites, but codanraigen isn’t on the app. I also said that I wanted to do a modded survival series (on youtube) and I’d rather not have a nymph in that clothing on camera. I still love the way the nymph works, so that isn’t what I was talking about. If you had payed attention while reading my comment, you also would have noticed I said the HUMANOID form wasn’t kid-friendly. That basically means roughly human shaped. The spider thing is not human shaped. Therefore it is not humanoid. The modded survival would include raigen’s stuff, but I could edit out scenes with creatures that are too gory. The nymph being one of the (so far) few features of this addon, and one of the cooler ones, I’d prefer not to edit it out.

        • Harrythemagician13 says:

          Oh i agreed with you i think Nymph should be on its human from only when you attack it its still its human look but its hostile towards you like neutral mob like a golem

          • I actually liked the way the nymph’s monster form looked, and thought it was really cool. Maybe it isn’t exactly a nymph, but very cool indeed. I just wanted her clothes to show less.

  297. Dang says:

    Can you please have the behaviors instead of going to files, go to the actual game itself.

  298. junieb213 says:

    hey guys having trouble downloading just copy the link on the behavior pack and paste it to another site
    and done you have no problems

  299. EpicLuffy says:

    Duplicate Pack Bug

  300. Rulerofdagons3 says:

    It Says duplicate pack detected whenever I download it. 😕

  301. anonymous says:

    The manifest was invalid it needs to be fixed.

  302. Noot Noot says:

    Behavior file needs to be .mcpack just like resource file.

  303. Toot Toot says:

    The behavior download link was fixed, but now it only has a .zip file. Change it to .mcpack.

  304. HeatFragment says:

    Links are now working!

  305. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Can you change the behavior from .zip to .mcpack so I can install it without having to get messed up in files?

  306. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Yeah!!!!! It finally works my favorite mob is the Hagbat. Only one problem please update some animations everything else is amazing 5 gold bars for you!!!!!! 😀

  307. mike says:

    finally a fix

  308. PseJanz says:

    Can you pls give me another behavior link? Becuz the one in the download section doesnt work and really want this addon its looks so cool

  309. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Hey guys with behavior issues, the creator has posted a direct link to the behavior pack in one of his comments, so if the download doesn’t work, you can use that. That’s how I installed it. Thanks!

  310. Anonymous says:

    Still does not work. The new site says

  311. Cool dinosaur says:

    Sorry but the behaviors still don’t work for me

  312. Drgfsbrnmy says:

    Its says that the link is blocked, to media fire. Can you please fix it.

  313. Tu mama says:

    Ami mediser que el achivo fue cambiado de nombre

  314. edgyplayer77 says:

    Behavior says link missing oof

  315. LRK0809 says:

    I think the villager guards and all that are awesome! Could you make a separate add on just for the villager guards and get more deeper with it? There are other guard Add ons but the creators seem to have forgotten about them and are very outdated

  316. MouthGod says:

    You did well my friend, you did well

  317. Anonymous says:

    Still can’t download the behaviour!!!!!!!

  318. Anonymous says:

    It’s still doesn’t work

  319. Maverick says:

    Yo links aren’t working, what about just turning it into a mcaddon?

  320. Loyd5X says:

    Add a necromancer (rare mob)
    Spawns in overworld
    Can summon husks (5 max)
    And the husks protect him

  321. Anonymous says:

    I can not download…

  322. ToxiFize says:

    Hey I have installed this add-on by redirecting myself to the media fire but I was disappointed when I play the add-on because I can’t see the spawn eggs please could you fix this bug while fixing the official link

  323. Realms says:

    Yo fam the addon is cool good work, im not going to get on yo case about the but i will get on u about how the nymph true form, looks a little weird for me i cant put it into words but yeah…

  324. Oo says:

    Когда я нажимаю скачать поведение мне пишут что ссылка удалена!

  325. Anonymous says:

    Just enter the link he gave into a web browser

  326. ГггрмииРррмавв says:

    Я не могу скачать поведение!?

  327. Maximal1546 says:

    I think when the down load Link is fixed for the behaviour pack this Will be realy fun to play with

  328. Mikylr says:

    Hey creator the behavior packs, I can’t download it

  329. XDXDXXDD says:

    2 Things you should fix is
    Behavior not able to download
    And Duplicate pack Bug

  330. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    I can’t even install the behavior!!!!!

  331. Bbdbv says:

    You can addon crocodile animation,good

  332. Salutations! says:

    Behaviors are missing from media fire :/
    Looks cool though

  333. Fanis says:

    R u gonna fix it?

  334. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Please fix the behavior download I got stuck on a dead end. Look’s like a great add on!

  335. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Please fix the behavior download. I keep on ending up at a dead end. The add on looks great, though!

  336. WeaselDaGreat says:

    Please please please fix the behavior download. It keeps bringing me to a dead end. I bet the addon’s super good, though!

  337. Xolotl says:

    No me deja descargar

  338. Anonymous says:

    Can you fix it I’m rewriting because I’m not sure if it posted?

  339. Anonymous says:

    Can you fix it?

  340. HeatFragment says:

    The behaviors became null, I’m very sorry

  341. Anonymous says:

    You can’t download the behaviour pack

  342. Jaren_Darkwolf says:

    Mediafire, when you finally get through the adsites to it, says the files don’t exist. Fix it or take it down.

  343. Cactus bricks says:

    I can’t download it. It doesn’t let me ☹️

  344. awesomeEVAN555 says:

    The download link for the Behavior Pack doesn’t work. Something is wrong with Mediafire.

  345. VeryConcernedMouthGod says:

    Real bad problem. When trying to download the behavior for this Addon, it doesn’t work and it sents you to a scam website so uh yeah…

    Fix it please

  346. Asbs says:

    I can’t get it I’m

  347. MouthGod says:

    Nymph looks really really good. And hey, a actually good looking mimic design.

    Maybe one day we fellow gamers can get mermaid… or anything that doesn’t look like it was made by a 7 year old. Anyways good luck modding

  348. YourBoi says:

    wow u really want money and turns out it doesnt work gg

    How it doesnt work is when u try to download it the media link wont even work

  349. MouthGod says:

    Kobold looks like a mistake

  350. Maxil89 says:

    The links do not work, I mean, they are sent to the main mediafire page but not to the download. Although this complement can be seen well done.

  351. Anonymous says:

    The link takes you to a dead media fire page.

  352. Sejer says:

    Falla el link de mediafire

  353. lizzy says:

    files were removed from mediafire

  354. Anonymous says:

    Hey can you plss fix download in mediafire I can’t download the behavior pack plss fix this

  355. VinnGogh says:

    Por favor, poderia por um novo link? Não estou conseguindo baixar pelo mediafire o link foi removido!

  356. Anonymous says:

    Download link is broken..

  357. HeatFragment says:

    Sorry fellas the behaviours was null, but its already fixed.

  358. Loyd5X says:

    That nymph though 👀

  359. FlaviusFire says:

    Keep updating this mate, looks amazing!

  360. Leo says:

    I can’t download the behaviour pack it says from media fire that there was an error, but the resource pack works fine. Also add more mobs, I like how interesting they are. It would be amazing if this was the biggest addon on mobs for Minecraft, including mini bosses and bosses. If most of the mobs, mini bosses, and bosses have special attacks or patterns, this would be the best mob addon yet! Also don’t forget to add mob drops to each of them.

  361. Freddy Fazbear says:

    Make a fox Addon

  362. Rulerofdragons3 says:

    Behaviors link is broken, please fix. 🙁

  363. DatBoi says:

    The download links to a missing file

  364. Niko says:

    Behavior pack can’t be downloaded.

  365. Dizer says:

    Fix the website. It said that it is deleted

  366. CHIME says:

    The link of behavior not working

  367. NetherExplorer says:

    Does it work in mcpe non beta version?

  368. DurantCoal says:

    cant download behavior.

  369. AlanStudil says:

    Hahahaha wow

  370. Removeads says:

    The mobs in preview looks good overall. But right now I can’t even pass the huge ad-walls. Why?

  371. Harrythemagician13 says:

    Behavior link is not working mediafire its taken down…

  372. XDXDXXDD says:

    Plz fix Duplicate Pack Bug

  373. VinnGogh says:

    Meu amigo, um dos melhores addons, continua seu addon ta incrível!!

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