Published on June 15, 2020 (Updated on June 15, 2020)

Vignette Hider

Vignette Hider is a resource pack that removes the vignette border when fancy graphics is enabled. This concept is a feature in Lukas's Java Parity Pack, but is now available as a standalone resource pack for those who do not want a Java Edition experience.

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All of his packs must be poorly coded or something cause none of them work on realms. What’s the point? Smh.
This will not works on realms that has texture packs attached to it, this is not a bug it's just a feature to prevent packs from overlapping causing even more bugs
Its easy to create this but ok
Yo everyone in the comments section needs to chill out. Why are you all going insane over a minecraft resource pack? Chill. Btw, this is a really useful pack, I like it.
Oops forgot my review.

It definitely purged my minecraft experience of some annoyance. I never hated vignette, I just figured it was just there for a reason. I never even thought of it as a problem.

With this addon, however, it certainly improved my minecraft experience, particularly while mining, in the nether, and even in my own base! It also made build projects a little less "foggy" and more easy to see. I can also imagine how useful it would be in PvP situations!

Along with this resource pack, I really enjoyed some of this creator's other addons, such as the Java edition parity pack, the render distance limiter for low end devices, and the improved trading UI pack. I highly recommend checking those out too!
Tysm! I hate vignette and i can finally get rid of it! Nice pack!
This pack is a necessity for me. The vignette is one of the game's worst features, right up there with random texture rotation.

To make it worse, the effect is applied inappropriately, such as when I'm inside my house at the sea level of the Nether.
Great tweak.
Thanks man the vignette when mining was annoying, like, playing on mobile feels like the screen is a bit obstructed anyway. 5/5
ok seriously. You're claiming this specific thing for yourself and than tell everybody not to steal it. It is possible for other people to recreate and, quote on quote, steal this pack... please remove the please do not redistribute.
At least better than your skulls texture pack
you have no place here. if you dont like the pack move on. there are hundreds of other packs on mcpedl.
Shut up
Did I ever say the word steal once in this post? No.

What is meant by this disclaimer is not blatantly re-uploading this pack to other websites without my permission and to not monetize anything. I exclusively post to MCPEDL.
Uh oh, Lukas. Renderdragon ruined your Pack. Still 5 stars. Not your fault.
It's worse when they take it and monetize it and take all the money, while giving no credit to the creator
Are you being serious my dude? Don't you realise that it's one thing to recreate a mod from scratch and a whole other thing to redistribute it??
This is why my guys, you should learn to read and understand correctly
I mean I understand such concerns that it is possible to accidentally recreate such addons, but it says do not REDISTRIBUTE the creator's stuff to other websites, not steal it. I understand if you were mistaken, but I do not think that is an adequate reason to give a one-star on such a useful addon...

Thanks to you, _rickname_, this awesome addon is rated a 3/5 (as of the release of this post)! Such concerns should privately be spoken to the creator himself, and not posted to the public.