Published on February 27, 2021 (Updated on February 27, 2021)

Village and Ice Spikes Near Spawn (Seed)

This seed has 2 nearby structures one of them being a village and  a super rare biome near one. It also has a biome that could potentially have a lot of loot. 

This seed has a pretty good spawnpoint. You spawn on top of a tree!

after jumping off the tree and probably chopping it down you may notice a village and an ice spikes biome.

after exploring for a bit you may find a sunkin ruin and a desert biome on the other side of it.

The seed is: -1701653900

Seed ID


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what version is it from
it didnt work for me
I was looking for a seed to speedrun... so here's ur answer.
I'm curious to see how a speedrun of this seed would go. Anyone up for it?